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About Grey Sky Films

What Our Clients Have To Say

Grey Sky Films has been in business for nearly 20 years. We’ve produced professional video content for businesses and brands of all sizes!

We’re passionate about helping small businesses get powerful results from video marketing, without investing the time and expense it takes to build their own team or hire a costly service provider.

Today, there are so many video marketing and advertising tools that can be leveraged by businesses of ANY size.  But, quite frankly, they still take some level of expertise to get them to perform effectively. Making videos and setting up ads can be confusing, overwhelming and costly.

We break it down and put it within reach for you and your business.

“The whole process was very well planned out and the communication was excellent. The team made the process very easy for me, setting proper expectations and delivering on all of them. Our videos helped us attract investors and raise funding.”  – Rocker Tools

“I have a certain ROI I need to hit, and with Grey Sky Films it’s always done. They work on task, on target and on time.”  – AFR, eLEND

“There’s nothing to be scared of when you’re working with a team that cares about who and what you are.”  – Mortgage Professional

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Fill in the form to the right.  We’ll deliver the guide to your inbox and take you to a quick explainer video!