Meet Brian Mackewich

Director of Animation

Brian Mackewich
Brian Mackewich embraces the colliding realms of digital media, graphics, and animation. He brings to the team his vast knowledge of image creation, motion, and storytelling. A journeyman editor, mixer, producer, and post production supervisor in film, broadcast, and advertising, Brian is road-tested and ready to rock. His focus is multi-faceted, and the endgame strategy is to always “deliver the goods”!
A lifetime musician and gear junkie, Brian’s constantly writing and recording music. When Brian’s not in the office, you might find him playing on the Jersey Shore with his band, kayaking, or trying to wear out his Brittany puppy, LuLu.

Q: What's one of your passions?

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A: I've been playing music my entire life - I love writing and recording my own music!