Our Top 3 Tips for Tradeshow Triumph

Our Top 3 Tips for Tradeshow Triumph

Tradeshows are a key opportunity for your company to win business, and using video in your tradeshow setup is a powerful visual tool to attract booth visitors and provide key information. Video greatly enhances visibility, brand image, visitor engagement, and can even give your sales process and conversion rates a boost! Basically, having a video at your tradeshow booth gives you way more ‘bang for your booth’!

Here are my top 3 tips for designing tradeshow video content that works!

1. Looks are important: Professional quality is key.

Items that visually represent your business should be well-designed and high quality, because they contribute greatly to the first impression and overall perception of your brand.  The best way to achieve making a great impression is to hire a professional to help you film and edit your video.

A video production expert, using professional filming and lighting equipment, will produce higher-quality video. The imagery should be crisp, clean, and visually stimulating.  Professional editing also offers a bevy of benefits: it ensures that colors are accurate, that audio is clean (and update-able), and that the video remains engaging with good pacing, the right soundtrack, and interplay of visuals.

Utilizing professional techniques can create a product that demonstrates that your business has a discerning eye for details. These details directly reflect the quality of your product, your brand, and what you have to offer your customer.

2. Focus your content. Wasted ‘airtime’ is a wasted opportunity.

According to the US National Library of Medicine*, the average attention span lasts a maximum of 8 seconds. Please, do me a favor, and count to 8. I’ll wait.

I knew you wouldn’t finish the entire 8!

I can’t blame you. It’s difficult to obtain (let alone hold) someone’s attention beyond a certain threshold.  With an overwhelming amount of visual stimulation at a tradeshow, it’s essential that your videos make the most of every second. Planning a targeted and engaging video can help ensure your marketing isn’t drowning in a sea of noise, but rather soaring above it!

So, not only should the quality of your video’s footage and editing be top-notch, but the strategy behind your video’s content should also be properly developed.  For example, try not to waste valuable “air time” with on-screen items like: “We welcome you to the tradeshow” in text, or a photo of the very same products that are actually being shown ‘in the flesh’.  Use every valued second to show a product in action, key testimonial statements, or important differentiators about your product or service.

A great way to start designing a content strategy is to examine your buyer’s needs and identify which pieces of information will help them make a purchasing decision at that time. Craft the content of your videos around that information.

3. Think Outside the Booth

Video should also be used beyond the booth. When done right, video is the strongest promotional tool available. Use it to promote your presence, new offerings, or special events. Here’s a great example:

A client of ours recently had the opportunity to win big business at their industry tradeshow with a mere 15 minutes to make a presentation.  Wanting to make that lasting impression, they ditched the PowerPoint and had us produce an incredibly unique and creative video.   In addition, we created a trailer that was sent out in advance to tease the intrigue of their attendees.  All said and done, not only did this piece show the brand’s personality and product, but it showed that they think creatively, and know how to make things happen.

Lastly, video is a great way to follow up and provide additional information to all of your new contacts.  Consider the next level of information a buyer or prospect may need about your product; Or, reach out with more information about the company or the sales individuals! Sending engaging videos as a follow-up, can help deepen your relationships and further your brand’s impact on buyers.

Thanks for reading, I hope these tips help push you to create tradeshow videos that bring your business better tradeshow success.

For help developing a content marketing strategy for your business, email us at:info@greyskyfilms.com


* www.eventmanagerblog.com/attendee-attention

Photo Credit – “LinuxWorldBoston2006.agr”. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons

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