Grey Sky Films is a Video Production Agency, located in Northern New Jersey. We have over 20 years of experience producing branded, commercial and corporate video content. We’re one tight crew, and that closeness translates to the relationships we have with our clients. It’s our mission to create an easy, efficient and exciting video production experience for our clients. Going above and beyond is part of our culture!


Check out some behind-the-scenes videos from our latest and greatest productions
for a sneak peak into what a Grey Sky Films set looks like and what you can
expect when working with us.


Our clients are supported by an incredible team of creatives that work together to
cultivate powerful video content.
Mark Serao - Co-founder and Featured Director
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We’re so thankful for the kind words shared by our clients below; they are the true
reward for partnering with great companies and great people.

Natalie Lewis and Annie Herrmann

Fish.Eye Design
“It’s been an absolute blast filming the show. Having Grey Sky on
set is the best part – we’ve loved every part of the experience.”

Jennifer LoBianco

Chief Marketing Officer, AFR & eLEND
“A lot of times I have a certain ROI to hit, and it’s always done with Grey Sky Films. They work on task, on target, and on time.”

Paul Neuman

Chief Inspiration Officer, Neuman’s Kitchen
“Grey Sky Films has always defined grace under pressure. To work with a group as collaborative and creative as Grey Sky Films is just a pleasure.”

George Sous

Regional Public Affairs Manager, PSE&G
“Grey Sky Films really delivered on being flexible, on being available, on being very adaptable to the many unique challenges of our production.”

Toby Wolf

Director of Marketing, Jenkinson’s Boardwalk
“When Grey Sky Films comes out, they don’t half ass anything. It’s full production value on everything that they do.”

Leon Grassi

Senior Vice President – Marketing, The DSM Group
“Grey Sky’s ability to take what seems like a crazy idea on paper, and make it work is pretty special. I give Grey Sky Films a ton of credit for their ability to be a part of the collaborative process, push back where necessary on some of the ideas that come to the table, and ultimately produce a product that makes everybody involved really happy with the final result.”

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