Grey Sky Films Launches Three Brand New Video Production Reels

Grey Sky Films Launches Three Brand New Video Production Reels

Grey Sky Films Launches Three Brand New Video Production Reels

We’re kicking off 2021 with a few brand new video production reels highlighting our most recent work! Check them out!

Portfolio Reel

First up – a brand new portfolio reel – an all encompassing high energy look at the type of video productions we’ve worked on – both big and small, commercial and corporate, as well as all the different industries we find ourselves working in.

Manufacturing Reel

The second of our new video production reels highlights our manufacturing work. It’s a collection of the work we’ve done for manufacturing and industrial clients like Infineum, MacTec, Packaging Efficiency Solutions, Celebrity Cheese, Peeps, Carpenter Technology, Accudraft, and more. Manufacturing videos help our clients highlight their equipment and processes. It’s a way to showcase how their technology and machinery work, and to demonstrate capabilities, as well as scalability.

Typically the general public doesn’t get to see the in’s and out’s of how everyday products are created. These manufacturing videos share the “magic” of how something is made. And manufacturing is all inclusive! It’s more than just machinery, medical devices and mass mailings. It’s also a part of food production, agriculture, science and technology, research and development, and cosmetics.

These productions have also brought us all over the world! We’ve traveled all over the tristate area – New Jersey, New York and Connecticut; up and down the East Coast – Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia; and to the other side of the country – Oklahoma and California; as well as beyond our borders to film internationally in Canada, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.

Medical Reel

Last but certainly not least, we’ve got a brand new medical video production reel. Our work with hospitals and healthcare centers like Weill Cornell Medicine, Montefiore Nyack, Brooklyn Hospital and Hunterdon Hospital, as well as pharmaceutical giants like Regeneron and Pacira, has given us the opportunity to work on many different narratives. From telling heartwarming and uplifting patient success stories, sharing specialized doctor profiles, and highlighting healthcare specialities, capabilities, and new product launches, to showcasing new technology and innovative research and development. We’ve also created a series of tutorial videos for several at-home self-injection devices.

These stories contain valuable information to the people at home watching. For example, these videos share updates on cutting edge science in mapping the human genome to help cure cancers through DNA. They share fertility success stories of patients overcoming rare blood disorders. And they’re introducing them to top doctors in different fields of medicine. The information these videos provide is priceless and offer hope to those who need it. These videos inspire us, they lift us up. They give purpose to what we do and why we do it.


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