20 Ways to Master Micro Video on Social Media

20 Ways to Master Micro Video on Social Media

Video content can be used to achieve a number of different marketing goals, and because of that, there are all types of video content that you should consider using, including micro video content. Micro video content basically means: short videos.

The most effective micro videos are less than a minute long, and sometimes as little as six seconds long! Micro video content is especially valuable for use on social media. Many social platforms, such as Vine and Snapchat, are built especially for sharing micro videos.

These social platforms were built for mobile use, and short form content is very mobile friendly. People using mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, are viewing a variety of content at all different times of the day, from all different sources. Shorter content the better when trying to catch the attention of these highly active viewers.

When it comes to creating micro video for social media, you’ll want to use the following tips. This will help boost your chances of success, which on social media generally comes in the form of shares, comments and likes.

1. Identify the right platforms to use

There are a lot of social media platforms out there on which you can post micro video content. Some social channels are perfectly suited for such content, such as Vine, Snapchat, Keek and Viddy.

However, micro video content can be extremely effective when posted to Instagram, Twitter and other channels as well. Determine what channels your audience spends most of it’s time on in order to identify which platforms will be most effective for you.

2. Determine the strengths and weaknesses of each platform

Certain platforms may have larger user-bases, but this may result in more competition. Some platforms, like Instagram, allow you to post micro content that’s up to a minute long, while others, such as Vine, will only allow videos up to six seconds long.

Then there’s Snapchat, in which videos only last for a few seconds before disappearing, unless you create a video narrative (Snapchat story), which then will last for 24 hours.

3. Tailor your content to the platform

If you have a lot of information you want to get across in a short period of time, then maybe a 30-second YouTube video is a better way to go than a six-second Vine clip.

A how-to demonstration will probably work better on Instagram than on Vine. If you’re teasing a product unveiling, then Snapchat will work well since there’s a limited viewing time, which results in a feeling of exclusivity.

Micro Video Social Media4. Create attention grabbing titles

The video isn’t all that’s important! You also have to create a title that convinces your audience to actually view your video.

5. Accompany your videos with a description

You may not think that a description for a six second video is necessary, but it can help with SEO.

6. Optimize your micro videos

Use keywords in your titles and descriptions to make it easier for audiences to discover your micro videos through search.

7. Cross promote your micro content

Just because you created a six second video for Vine doesn’t mean you can’t post it on other social channels, such as Facebook. If you decide to promote your video on Twitter, using hashtags could be beneficial.

Keep in mind that Vine is owned by Twitter, and Instagram is owned by Facebook, which means cross promoting over these channels can work very well.

8. Encourage sharing

Always have social share buttons embedded into your videos when possible to encourage viewers to share.

9. Encourage comments

Ask for comments in your description – or if your video is long enough, ask for opinions at the end of your video. This will help encourage engagement with your audience.

10. Engage with comments

If anyone comments on your videos, make sure to answer them, even if it’s a negative comment (just don’t respond negatively!).

11. Promote upcoming product launches

Micro video is a great way to tease a product launch on various social media channels. For example, a simple five second clip of the product in silhouette along with the date or time of the unveiling will pique viewers’ curiosity.

12. Promote sales

Promote sales events by posting micro videos on Twitter and Facebook.

13. Demonstrate the use of products

Ten seconds is often all you need to show one of the uses or features of a product.

14. Create how-to videos

Many brands have successfully leveraged micro video content to create efficient and unique how-to videos. Vine videos that Lowes is known for is a perfect example! They are both unique and charming.

15. Show behind the scenes footage

A quick 15 second tour of your office is an easy way to bring viewers behind the scenes of your company.

Micro Video Social Media16. Hold contests

Hold a contest in which followers make their own micro content in relation to your brand. This allows you to engage your audience while also allowing you to collect free marketing material!

17. Create a series of micro videos

Break down what would be a longer video into smaller micro sections to be released every day at the same time. This hooks viewers and will bring them back to continue the series.

18. Make your micro videos fun and simple

People are more likely to share micro content that they think friends and family will enjoy. Make sure to keep them simple and fun instead of somber and sad.

19. Time the release of your micro videos

Post during the beginning of the week in the mornings instead of late at night on the weekends.

20. Track the performance of your micro videos

Track metrics like shares, comments and views to see what works and what doesn’t.

These tips should be used to help ensure that your micro video content thrives on social media. A professional video production company can help you plan and make micro videos for social media, thereby lending their expertise and production value to your content.

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