5 Reasons Your NYC Company Needs Video Production Now

5 Reasons Your NYC Company Needs Video Production Now

A recent industry survey of over 350 business and marketing professionals made one thing very clear: 96% of organizations are engaged in video content marketing. (r) Video production is where video marketing begins. Strategy and creativity unite to create the pieces of content that will prompt a reaction from your viewer.

Producing the most-effective, high-quality content is an expert service that must not be overlooked or undervalued. With almost everyone using video for marketing, the need for professional video production is essential for any NYC company.

Here’s why your NYC company needs professional video production now:

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1. Video is a high-performer.

Across the board, video drastically increases performance rates of sales and marketing tools. With a high-quality video to represent your company you’ll reap the benefits of SEO, sales and other performance successes:

  • Adding video to a landing page makes it 53% more likely to be on the first page of Google results. (b)
  • Product videos (like those used by Zappos) increase purchases by up to 30% (v), and
  • Simply including the word “video” in an email subject line increases open rates by 19% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%! (i)

I could go on and on with statistics that favor video, but I think… ‘nuff said.

video production nj

2. It’s not just about video. It’s about the right video!

In years past, just having a video was a differentiator. But now, more and more businesses and marketers are using professional video for online advertisements, brand awareness and customer support.

The sea of competition is no longer about video versus no-video; it’s about the right video. An experienced video production agency will design content that works with your sales or marketing strategy to prompt a commerce-generating action or response.

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3. Mobile users are the majority, and they prefer video.

Since 2011, YouTube views on mobile devices has jumped from just 6% to over 50%, and the number of hours spent watching video on mobile is up 100% year-over-year. Mobile use is overtaking desktop use for everything from browsing to shopping to education, and video is front and center in all that activity.

It’s no surprise that mobile viewers using the smaller screens of phones and tablets prefer video to text. What’s more, if your target demographic is Millennials, mobile video consumption is the #1 way to reach them. (r2)

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4. Your Competition’s Getting Savvier.

There are certain video styles that in my opinion are more trendy than effective. According to some findings in a recent survey, compared to a similar survey from the previous year prior, people were shifting away from the trendy video styles (such as animated explainer videos) and gravitating toward other types of video (such as testimonials and live-action filming). (r)

How I interpret this shift is that many people have become acquainted with using video, and are now much savvier with understanding how to use it.  With your competition out there building their video marketing chops, what better way to stay ahead of them than to get the expertise of a professional video production agency on your side?

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5. You Need a Powerhouse Partner

As you can imagine, within the video production process alone there are many variables and details to consider and be experienced with in order to successfully produce a high-quality video.

Partnering with an experienced video production company will help you skip the investment and learning curve of producing video yourself, and will help you receive the best content since they’ll have top-quality equipment and experienced crew members,

Partnering with an established video production company will bring you the benefits of their experience and expertise, but also of their network, since they’ll likely have connections far and wide throughout their own industry and their client’s industries.


2016 already looks like a year that’s going to bring a lot of new changes and developments in technology. With mobile use growing, mobile video ads soon to dominate every search and social platform, and with video hosting platforms and features becoming more easily accessible, the need for video production is about to explode!

Now is the best time to look at your sales, marketing and other performance goals for 2016 and talk to an expert video production company about the best way to bring video production to your marketing plan.




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