American Financial Resources

American Financial Resources (AFR), created a hands-free pipeline management tool that integrates directly with Amazon’s Alexa, giving their lenders the ability to stay up to date on their client’s loan status on their own time, whenever they want, wherever they want. They asked us to help them promote the new technological innovation with a video demonstrating all the ways the app integration would fit into the daily activities of their lenders.
In this video, we followed one of their lenders through a typical day, from waking up and making breakfast, through the work day, and into the evening. Throughout the day, Amazon’s Alexa is there by his side, helping him stay up-to-date on his client’s loan status.


eLend, the home lending division of AFR, is a direct competitor of companies like Rocket Mortgate and Quicken Loans. Over the past few years they’ve come to us to create video and commercial campaigns to help with brand awareness in the home loan space. We’ve created a multitude of videos for them, including a commercial for broadcast promoting their renovation loans, and a series of YouTube videos and broadcast commercials demonstrating the ease with which one can use eLend’s home financing services.

Jennifer LoBianco

Chief Marketing Officer, AFR & eLEND
“A lot of times I have a certain ROI to hit, and it’s always done with Grey Sky Films. They work on task, on target, and on time.”

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