American College of Physicians

The American College of Physicians, also known as AP, is the largest medical specialty organization in the United States. Their members span the globe and include internal medicine physicians, sub specialists and medical students. 

ACP supports their members by providing resources that improve the practice of internal medicine.

We began working with ACP to help support their largest event, the Internal Medicine Meeting. Every year physicians from around the globe gather to participate in networking events, workshops, competitions and a very special convocation event. For the last several years Grey Sky Films has been an important part of the ground support at the meeting, capturing man-on-the-street style testimonials, and the overall essence of excitement during the event. 

Most importantly, we’ve been able to offer our support by creating promotion materials leading up to the event. With short social media videos, teasers and trailers, we’ve worked together with ACP to ramp up the excitement and entice their members to purchase tickets to attend the event.

The videos above and below this text feature live footage from the event mixed with simple and effective motion graphic and typography animation. The videos are branded with ACP’s signature color palette and were also designed with the 2024 Internal Medicine Meeting theme in mind.


Check out the promotional videos from past years below!


A Brand New MKSAP

For over 50 years the Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program, MKSAP, has been the most trusted resource in continuous learning for internal medicine physicians and residents. Each year MKSAP is updated to provide the most cutting edge information. MKSAP’s online learning platform provides an easy and accessible way for internal medicine physicians to up their game every year. 

This year, ACP is launching a MKSAP that is only available online with a subscription, and they asked Grey Sky Films to create a series of teaser trailers to promote the launch coinciding with their Internal Medicine Meeting. Check out the fun animated shorts below!


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