A Better Way to Monitor Nenatal Intensive Care Unit Nutrition

Astarte Medical created a brand new platform called NICUTRITION, aimed at helping nurses and doctors in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units track the daily nutrition of premature infants. This includes the types of supplements or medications the babies are taking, the amount of food they’re intaking and a plentitude of other nutritional data. The depth and scope of their platform’s abilities needed a video to help explain how it works, and to demonstrate that it’s easy to use, and has an easy to track format that would appeal to busy doctors and nurses. The idea was to show them how NICUTRITION can help them shift their focus to what really matters, the babies.
In this video, Grey Sky Films utilized a combination of 2D character animation and mixed it with stock video of neonatal intensive care unit babies and their caregivers to drive home the features and benefits of using the NICUTRITION platform.

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