Additive Manufacturing

For the Paris Air Show, one of the largest aviation driven tradeshows in the industry, Carpenter Technology had a desire to demonstrate their abilities in the additive manufacturing space. Carpenter has a long history of creating metal alloys, and now they’re able to work with their clients to create true end-to-end solutions, from design, prototyping and production as well as additive manufacturing. Additive manufcturing in the aviation space allows their clients to create better, more efficient products that are lighter, and printed in one piece.
For this video, we flew out to their additive manufacturing facility in Camarillo, CA, drove out to Pennsylvania to their headquarters in Philadelphia, and traveled to another manufacturing facility in Reading, PA to record interviews and loads of b-roll to use in the video for the tradeshow and beyond. This video introduced the “end-to-end” factor of their creative collaborations with their clients. By hiring actors to be the “client” we were able to demonstrate the process of developing a new product through additive manufacturing, and how the client is there every step of the way to offer feedback and support.
The video played in Paris, France, and was a huge boost for Carpenter’s ability to share their additive manufacturing capabilities with their clients, both present and potential.

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