County College of Morris: GO BIG!

This past spring Grey Sky Films had the opportunity to film a television commercial for the County College of Morris and their Go Big! Campaign. This campaign is targeted to students of all ages and empathizes with the stress of choosing a college degree program. Luckily, CCM offers hundreds of programs to choose from, making that really big decision, easy!

Many of us here at Grey Sky are former alumni, so as you can imagine, we were all pretty excited to return to our alma mater and take a quick trip down memory lane. 

In addition to kicking off their Go Big! campaign, CCM also wanted to show off their beautiful and recently expanded campus. With a little help from Grey Sky, they were able to show off the most familiar locations, as well as some new editions, such as the Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Center and the Music Technology Building. 

For the campaign’s messaging to align it was important to feature actual students from campus. Our host, Kayleen, and our other featured talent were not actors, but in fact, potential or current students of CCM, displaying the wide range of students that attend the school. Featuring students of all different ages and backgrounds; from just out of high school, traditional college age, and continuing education adults really helped drive the Go Big! messaging home.

The shooting schedule was quite ambitious for this television commercial. Everything was filmed in a single day, with a different location for every shot. With such a busy day, it was really important to stay on schedule. With the hard work and dedication of our entire cast and crew, we were able to get all the shots we needed, successfully show off the campus, and complete the shoot on time. Talk about Go Big – with Teamwork! 

Additionally, there was a quick turnaround for this television commercial. This spot was scheduled to air almost immediatly after we completed production. Post production editing needed to be fast! We finished editing the entire television commercial in just over a single week. 

After completing the project Mark and Dana were asked if they’d like to be interviewed for a “Where are They Now” style feature in the CCM Alumni Magazine. Of course they jumped at the opportunity! They were happy to discuss how, by starting right at CCM, they’ve been able to build a successful career and business around the knowledge they gained during their time at the County College of Morris.


Altogether we completed one :30 spot as well as a :15 spot that aired on television. We were also able to recut the television commercial specifically for their social media pages and digital marketing campaigns in a 1:1 and 9:16 ratio.

15 Second Television Commercial

1:1 Social Media Spot

9:16 Social Media Spot

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