The Community Foodbank of NJ

The Community Food Bank of New Jersey (CFBNJ) is a non-profit organization providing food for thousands of people across New Jersey, including many children who attend after school programs. Many times, the meal these children receive at their after-school programs, is the only meal they will eat that day, so it’s important that it be a nutritious one.
Throughout the years, we’ve developed a long-lasting relationship with the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. Their mission is one that’s close to our hearts as well, and we hope that the videos we create for them, to thank their donors, encourage new donors, to educate our community, and to demonstrate their mission to help those that are food insecure with healthy and nutritious meals.
The above “Because of You” video was created to play at their Blue Jean Ball, as a way to encourage donors by sharing the real faces of the children their contributions benefit. The children in the video are real program attendees, and were very excited to be a part of the production, to thank the donors for providing them with meals.
The video was a huge success, garnering support and record donations that night. We’re honored to have been able to contribute to that success.

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