In 2018, Crane’s Mill, a luxury retirement community, wanted to create a commercial campaign that highlighted the social amenities included in their independent living community. We developed a tagline for them, “Live as Young as You Feel,” in order to demonstrate that life is just beginning when you arrive at Crane’s Mill.
One of the unique challenges we encountered during pre-production for this project was the need for it to be an evergreen commercial – for indefinite use. Typically we would feature some of the real Crane’s Mill residents, but for the longevity of the piece, we decided to bring in actors to play the roles of the residents. By creating this evergreen commercial, Crane’s Mill can promote their Independent Living Community forever!


With the success of the 2018 campaign for their Independent Living Community, Crane’s Mill returned with another request, to create a series of commercials promoting the services they offer in their Assisted Living Community which included Memory Support and Sub-Acute Rehabilitation in addition to their full-service Assisted Living within their Health Center. It was important for these three commercials and the micro-content that followed, to be evergreen like the original commercials we created. Once again, we brought in actors!
Over the course of 5 days, we filmed three :30 commercials focusing on Assisted Living, Memory Support, and Sub-Acute Rehabilitation, plus additional micro-content from each commercial, as well as a full-length Health Center video plus a number of additional content deliverables. Crane’s Mill has been able to run these commercials on television up and down the East Coast, and run them on digitally on social and other platforms.

Karla Traficante

Director of Sales & Marketing, Crane’s Mill
“Grey Sky stood out to us…we’d get the type of film we
were looking for and the professionalism that went along
with it.”

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