Entenmann's Minis

This winter Coyne PR approached us to film an online video campaign for Entenmann’s Minis that would be shown all over the web, social media, YouTube, and as commercial ads to be played during Hulu, Roku, and Amazon streaming videos.

The idea behind this online video campaign was to show a playful interaction between family members while snacking on the Minis. We collaborated with Coyne PR to highlight three of their snack cakes – Crumb Cake, featured in “Every Last Crumb”, Brownie Chocolate Chip Cakes, featured in “Multiple Choice”, and Apple Pie, featured in “Game Snack”.

Filmed at Buttertree Studios in East Hanover, New Jersey during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was important for us to be mindful of spreading the virus. Knowing that we needed two actors in each of our scenes, we requested that actual, real family members submit to be a part of our cast.


Entenmann’s approached us wanting to highlight the fun perspective of their Little Bites brand, featuring the kids that love them! This cute, upbeat commercial was shot entirely on green screen, in our New Jersey studio, over the course of a single day. The best part? The leftovers! Our team enjoyed plenty of delicious Entenmann’s pastry over the next few days.


Entenmann’s was celebrating a landmark achievement: 120 years in business. In honor of their birthday, our partners at Coyne PR approached us with an idea to create a social media public relations campaign that included a commercial of Entenmann’s lovers wishing the centenarian company a very happy birthday. We cast a whole slew of actors across all ages and demographics to come in and show off their singing chops – Aca-Pella style.



Since being posted to YouTube a little over a year ago, the video celebrating Entenmann’s 120th birthday has garnered millions of views. That’s a lot of birthday candles to blow out!


After the huge success of the Happy Birthday campaign, Coyne PR approached us with another project for Entenmann’s – to create short, micro-content promoting the bite-size and travel-ready Entenmann’s Mini’s product line. These fun, bite-sized videos feature play-on-words like, “Fork it over” and “Mobile APPetite” to showcase the new, smaller serving size of the Mini’s product line.
We created two different videos that played individually at :15 seconds, as well as looped back to back to exist ast a :30 spot.

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