New York City is Tough

One of their gracious donors offered to match contributions for a short period of time this summer, allowing the food bank to double the amount of meals a single dollar provides from 5, to 10. During COVID-19, when many families were left food insecure, this was an incredibly generous act.
Utilizing existing footage provided from the Food Bank, we overlayed custom graphical elements and typography animation to bring new life to their footage.

It was also very important that voiceover talent for these spots sound authentically “New York”. Pronunciation, dialects, and even a slight accent was critical to bring home the message and connect with their fellow New Yorkers.

Our partners at Coyne PR approached us with the idea to create a set of commercials that embodied the feeling of New York City for the NY Community Food Bank. Finding the right words, written by Rob Schnapp at Coyne PR, was the mission. So who are New Yorkers? They’re tough, especially during these unprecedented times.


The second spot in this series includes the same overarching message, but with another New York City twist.

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