The Lankenau Breast Center needed a video to help raise awareness about Breast Health and Growth to show budding young women what they can expect as they enter into puberty. Many young girls never learn exactly what’s happening to their bodies from a scientific perspective, and it’s important for them to learn whats normal, and what is not normal as they enter adulthood. It can help with early detection of a multitude of female issues.
As it can be a sensitive subject matter, we utilized 2D character animation to best demonstrate the story. Every girl is different, and we showed that with the different characters – demonstrating that everyone grows at the pace that’s right for them.
We had to work fast with this one, as they needed the video for a campaign launch. We received the storyboards and basic character sketches on a Wednesday and a fully animated video was handed over to the client on the following Monday. Talk about a time crunch! It was a challenge, and we certainly enjoyed rising to it.

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