Stiegl Beer is a very popular beverage in Europe, but when it comes to their US footprint, their notoriety was lacking. Enter: Grey Sky Films. After completing a campaign for another client of theirs, Chimay Beer, US distributor the Global Beer Network asked us to create social media promotional videos to bring their #stieglmoments and #takestiegloutside campaigns to life.
Team Grey Sky played the main character parts of each of the four skits so that we could literally be transported to Switzerland. Our acting chops were put to the test on the top of the Matterhorn, the naturally occuring thermal baths of Ovronnaz, a rooftop in Lausanne, and atop a balcony within the Gruyères Castle. The elevation and climate changes as we journed throughout the Swiss countryside proved to be a fun challenge!
The videos have been a smash hit in both Europe and other countries, and are destined to make a splash here in the states as social videos and banner ads online and in-stores. Keep an eye out for your favorite Grey Sky employees the next time you pick up a wedge of AOP Gruyère cheese from. your local supermarket.
We also created a sub-campaign of “Where Do You Fondue” called “You Should Care, Where You Gruyère” just for Gruyère cheese, to demonstrate how true AOP Gruyère is made, where it comes from, and the unique history and relationships between the cows and the farmers. We were given an inside look into the small batch production, and the real cave aged cheese.
The original series, created in 2018, was a social media video campaign for Mifroma cheese’s newest specialty release, the Fondue Express Cup. This four-video series featured the tagline “How Do You Fondue” and demonstrated the various ways in which a microwavable fondue cup could be used. Mifroma had very little influence here in the US, so these videos were designed to be eye-catching, fun, and entertaining. We created four initially and then an additional 8 micro-content versions to post on mobile and social.


Mifroma also expressed the need for table-top recipe videos to showcase their AOP Gruyère Cheese – the only Gruyère Cheese that’s AOP certified and made the way that Gruyère Cheese had been made since the early 1100s. We worked with our friends from Fish.Eye Design to create six recipe videos that craved attention. Inspired by videos created in the “Tasty” or “Buzzfeed” fashion, our spin on the recipe video included overhead table top shots, and views from the side to capture the ooey, goey-ness of Gruyère cheese.
The Fish.Eye team photographed these recipes for a booklet that would be distributed in future print marketing campaigns. Our recipe videos utilized similar props, and the food styling expertise of Fish.Eye for a cohesive marketing campaign surrounding Gruyère Cheese and Mifroma’s recipe suggestions.
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