Prudential Financial offers a plethora of insurance add-ons including Life, Disability, Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity insurance. We had previously worked with Prudential to create a Man-On-The-Street style campaign for Life and Disability Insurance where we stopped every-day folks in and around Central Park in Manhattan to see just how much they really knew about Life and Disability Insurance coverage.
As a follow-up to that campaign, we were enlisted to help Prudential raise awareness for the lesser-known options – Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity Insurance. We created a series of three videos to explain the value of including these products in your insurance policy by demonstrating the positive outcomes of people who have needed those products.
We brought in three actors, and had an outline, rather than a script. We asked that the actors study the outline – get to know it as if it was actually something that happened to themselves. The result was something that felt truly authentic. Watching these videos feels like you’re watching someone’s real-life story, which adds another dimension to typical product videos.


Prudential Financial offers 401k savings to many of their large corporate clients, which is a huge benefit to those corporate employees. We created a video campaign for Prudential, aimed at those employees to educate them on how they can make small changes to save big for retirement. The ultimate goal was to show how quickly the savings can add up, demonstrate the value of making contributions and keeping and to encourage those employees to keep their money in the 401k’s.
In each of the videos within this series, we crafted creative that would be easy for the home-doer, the “DIY-er”. Whether it’s swapping home-made pizza for delivery, or making your morning cuppa-joe at home, these savings add up fast!

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