Salt. Style. Shoot.

Together, with Fish.Eye Design, a photography and food styling duo, we created a YouTube show called Salt. Style. Shoot., bringing together our love for food, photography, video and all things yummy and delicious. This first season was filmed over the course of several months and was released in 2-week increments, every other Thursday – premiering at 7 pm on a selected date.
The collaboration began when we first met Annie and Natalie on a shoot for a client of ours. Their love for each other (besties!) and bubbly personalities are infectious, and we just knew we had to share that with the world. Because what they do is so unique to the industry, we wanted the show to be a mix of educational content, and entertainment. Their fun to watch, and you can learn something new! With Natalie’s classically training culinary background, and Annie’s photography mastery, they’re able to translate their professional expertise and make it look easy and do-able for the home viewer/cook/novice photographer. Plus, they know how to make food look GOOD.
The first season of Salt. Style. Shoot. consists of eight episodes all around ten minutes each. We cut trailers for each to promote on Youtube and Facebook, as well as super short teasers for Instagram TV and Stories. The ladies of Fish.Eye followed up each episode with the final food shot and the recipe.



Our first foray into the YouTube show world created an instant buzz on social media with nearly 300 subscribers within the first few weeks of our initial launch.


Season 2 was originally slated for production and release in early 2020, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production was put on hold. We hope to pick up production before the end of the year.
The first season of Salt. Style. Shoot. consists of eight 10-minute episodes. So while we wait for Season 2, you can catch up and binge-watch the show on YouTube.
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Natalie Lewis and Annie

Fish.Eye Design
“It’s been an absolute blast filming the show. Having
Grey Sky on set is the best part – we’ve loved every
part of the experience.”

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