An Easier and Safer Way

Our client, FocusedTS, created a safer and more efficient way to remove railroad spikes. Ordinarily the spikes are removed by pure manpower using crowbars and hydrolic drills. The team at FocusedTS knew there was a better way. The product, called SpikeEase, eliminates the need for crowbars and hydrolic presses. It instead uses a light, handheld and batter operated drill.
Thus, SpikeEase needed to make a splash in the marketplace in order to introduce an innovative tool to an industry rooted in the past. We began with a social media campaign.
We created four Facebook and LinkedIn ads specifically designed to look like social posts, but with a twist. In each of them, the SpikeEase “breaks the fourth wall” in a sense, fooling the viewer into thinking the text below the video is part of the social media website, when it’s in fact, still part of the video.
Additionally we created a series of fifteen social and micro-edits that focused on all the features and benefits of the new SpikeEase tool. These were filmed in two different locations in Northern New Jersey – Rockaway, and Roxbury.

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