Introducing Sword and Scale TV

In 2013 host Mike Boudet launched the podcast Sword & Scale. The result was one of the most singular, visceral audio shows in existence. Quickly reaching the top of the charts and continuing his reign of true crime supremacy, told with an edgy and unapologetic delivery style. Ten years later Sword & Scale will again twist how you consume true crime by bringing you the first ever independent True Crime TV series. No oversight, no censoring, and no tasteless humor, using original audio, including 911 tapes, news clips, interviews from people who were there and those that knew the victims. Sword & Scale is now in their homes, on their doorsteps, in their police stations, combing through their autopsy photos, and is forcing you to stand in the victim’s shoes.


This ongoing monthly recurring series premiered on April 1st, 2024. Watch the full “Making Of” Mini Documentary and all new episodes exclusively on


Episode 1: The Park

In 1990, a group of women meet out at a local hang-out “the Park View” bar for a couple beers and one of them goes missing. 

Watch the full episode plus loads of extras with your Plus subscription, exclusively on and the   Sword and Scale App.

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