Don't Delay Your Care

A Weill Cornell Medicine Commercial Video Campaign

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been lucky to work with many healthcare institutions, including Weill Cornell Medicine. Over the past 15 months we’ve created a number of video projects for them, including a video thanking their essential workers, an “Essential Care” online video campaign, and a commercial video campaign to urge patients to make healthcare a priority, called “Don’t Delay”.
Most of the work we’ve done for Weill Cornell Medicine during the pandemic has consisted of repurposing existing footage we filmed in the past, and creating custom animation. Last September we were able to get back on set and film in person. We filmed their “Don’t Delay” campaign – a series of videos, long and short, stressing the importance of staying on top of routine healthcare appointments. Additionally, they needed a series of videos to demonstrate the safety protocols in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in their facilities. It was also important to promote the use of their digital tools and Connect App platform, allowing patients to connect directly with their doctors, from the comfort of their couch.
We filmed these videos over the course of three days. We filmed one day in a studio, splitting the day in half between the scenarios. For days two and three, we filmed on location at the Weill Cornell Medicine facilities in Manhattan. One scenario was in the Worth Street location while the other was in the William Street location.
The first two videos released were :30 commercials being used in OTT (over the top) advertising. You’ll see these spots playing on Netflix or Hulu. They’re also playing on online streaming devices like ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, and YouTube. The long-form versions of these videos feature an extended look into the lives of the two patients. We will be releasing the long-form videos in early summer.


Weill Cornell Medicine also has doctors who specialize in high-risk pregnancies and research. The passion and enthusiasm for this field of work is obvious, and we’re incredibly proud of the progress their making in obstetrics and gynecology for women and families that need their help.
In this series of doctor spotlights, we created ten individual videos, as well as a corresponding social cuts, for a total of 21 videos! The whole campaign was to introduce the obstetrics and gynecology physicians and to demonstrate their specialties and the cutting-edge research their conducting in their fields.


Weill Cornell Medicine is constantly merging modern technology with science and medicine to create innovative ways to identify, manage, and treat a variety of disease states. Their genomic testing team wanted to create a video to highlight some of the more recent advancements in gene mapping that’s been instrumentally helpful in treating cancer patients.


It’s important for Weill Cornell Medicine to be approachable and accessible to all of their patients across New York City and it’s surrounding boroughs. To do this, they’ve been opening new locations in more diverse areas like Long Island City, Brooklyn, and downtown Manhattan. Grey Sky Films conducted interviews with four doctors to hear what they’re doing to make care more accessible, including same-day care and video-visits.

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