Withum: More than
CPAs. Trusted Advisors
offering Smart Business

Withum is an international accounting firm, assisting their clients around the world in advisory, tax, and audit services. But they’re more than just CPAs – they offer a multitude of services to their clients that don’t receive the attention that tax services do. Enter Grey Sky Films!

The Withum Marketing team approached us with a request to create commercials for broadcast, web, social as well as for their new .cpa landing page platform. From Forensic Services and Artificial Intelligence to Digital Technology Transformation and Business Consulting, Withum does it all. We were asked to highlight specifically a handful of their least known services – Cloud Solutions, Cyber Incident Response, Outsourced Accounting Services and It Modernization – in a unique and attention grabbing way.
We came up with the concept of personifying the technology problem with real people and then having Withum Advisors share the solution in the most visually engaging way. For example, for Cloud Solutions, the business owner would literally be buried in paper.
With the help of our client, we cast actual Withum employees to play every role in the spots – they are a very talented group! We filmed for two full days at Buttertree Studios in East Hanover with our main actors. Then we filmed another day at the beautiful and recently renovated Withum office in Parsippany where we captured all the Advisor scenes.
In the end, we produced four :30 commercials for broadcast, as well as :15 versions of each for their social media campaign, plus four radio spots and had a blast doing it.


Check out this short behind the scenes look at our Withum shoot!

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