3 Reasons Why We Are Inherently Drawn To Visual Content

3 Reasons Why We Are Inherently Drawn To Visual Content

From blah to boom – 3 simple visual content hacks that turn clicks into customers

We are often irresistibly drawn toward visual content. This is because our brains are captivated by stories unfolding on screen. Understanding this connection can help any business to tap into the innate love for visual content. Keep reading to discover how our bodies respond to compelling narratives combined with visually striking content and leverage this ability to grow your business.

It Has a Lasting Impact on Memory

  • Approximately 90 percent of the information our brains handle is visual. Remarkably, our brains process visual content almost 60,000 times faster than text. This is why you might skip reading the instruction manual and opt for a product demo instead. Moreover, videos have a distinct way of making our emotions memorable and leaving a lasting impression on our memories. Viewers remember what happened and how they felt during the highs and lows. These feelings can be harnessed even now. The average viewer remembers 95 percent of a message when presented through video, compared to 10 percent retention for text-based messages.

In studies where participants watched emotionally charged clips, both positive and negative, their ability to recall the content was significantly higher compared to text or static images. The memory persisted even after a year. With video content widely available on various platforms, accessible at any time, capturing and retaining attention has become crucial. For instance, talent recruitment agencies report an 800% surge in engagement with job ads featuring embedded videos.

It Releases Oxytocin

  • Puppies. Kittens. Babies. A day at the spa. A warm hug. Your favorite music. These seemingly unrelated things have something in common. They all have the power to release oxytocin. Oxytocin, often called “cuddle hormone,” is a natural neurochemical. It’s the force behind empathy, fostering cooperation and connection with those around us. Science is uncovering that video can uniquely boost our oxytocin levels.

In a research partially funded by the US Department of Defense, neuroscientists studied the measurement of oxytocin levels in audiences watching video content. They found that a “video formula” based on narrative tension and resolution was the most effective at increasing oxytocin levels, inspiring viewers to take action. The fitness industry has embraced this approach, leveraging empathy and transformation to create content that genuinely moves people.

It Has Synchronization Power

  • visual contentWe often see ourselves as unique individuals, each with distinct experiences and emotions. However, regarding video, our individuality isn’t as pronounced as we might believe. A Yale study measuring the brain activity of an entire cinema audience discovered that up to 70% of their cerebral cortex brain activity was synchronized at any given moment. This synchronization occurs in a specific brain area that connects actions with emotional responses. Essentially, through video, the audience collectively felt the same emotional call to action simultaneously.

For instance, when we watch a video that resonates, we’re compelled to share it. It’s not just about wanting others to see the content; it’s about desiring them to experience the same emotions we felt. Businesses are tapping into these insights to influence both customers and their staff. One way to do so involves storytelling, such as sharing relatable situations of actual customers and how a company’s products or people solved their problems. This allows viewers to connect with the pain and feel the relief when it is resolved.

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