5 Qualities of An Effective Animated Explainer Video

5 Qualities of An Effective Animated Explainer Video

An animated explainer video is a must-have for all kinds of businesses, products and services. In fact they are one of the most searched for types of video content, and perhaps the most effective way to engage with a potential customer.

When people are searching for an answer to their question, or a solution to a problem they have, they have set out to find a quick and effortless way of getting that information. An explainer video is exactly what they need, and it’s exactly what you need to parlay their curiosity into deeper engagement with your business.

Creating a great animated explainer video is easily achievable, especially with the help of visual design and video production experts.

Here are 5 qualities that make for an effective and engaging animated explainer video:

1. Keep It Short

An animated explainer video is a great item to have on a home or intro page of a website, searchable by Google and other search engines. Upon being found or discovered, viewers will likely be in search mode, actively looking for something that quickly shows them that they’re on the right track.

So, keep your animated explainer video short and sweet. Get to the point, make it flow smoothly and deliver key information right up front. It’s best to keep your animated explainer video between 30-90 seconds depending on your topic.

2. Keep It Simple

Effective web videos don’t seek to educate the viewer about too many things all at once; rather, they break information down into concise points for each video. If viewers like what they see and are getting the information they seek, they will proceed and seek out more. So, provide information in smaller doses or in layers.

Start with the most important information to be explained – How does your service work? How is your product used?

If there are add-ons and multiple steps to your product usage or services, break those up into separate videos. You can always direct a viewer from one video to the next, increasing the time they spend on your site.

3. Keep It Interesting

Animated explainer videos are popular because the consistent motion and movement holds viewer attention well.  Animation can actually be done in a few different ways to keep viewer interest and utilize whatever visual assets you have at your disposal:

  • Cartoon-like animation – where cartoony figures more about constantly.
  • Animated images and text – Photos and text can move on and off screen, or move around as they arrange on screen.
  • Or, a combination of animated text, shapes, images and footage.

4. Creative Details & Aesthetics Are Important

The styling of any piece of  marketing content, video included, is always important and reflects directly upon your brand image. You should always leverage high-quality design and animation skills. This can refer to any of the following:

  • High-quality graphic design & layout
  • High quality (not blurry or grainy) images and text
  • Typography and fonts that reflects brand identity and professionalism
  • Use of color that is effective, not overwhelming
  • High-quality video footage
  • High-quality animation techniques – smooth movements and transitions
  • Modern, not dated, musical/audio track choices

Professionals in the field of content creation, graphic design, as well as video production and post-production can help produce a high-quality video that not only holds attention, but makes your branded content look appealing to prospective customers.

5. A Clear Call-To-Action

Animated explainer videos are super effective at capturing the attention of people seeking out your business, product or service. But it’s essential that your parlay that captured attention into your next opportunity – to help them, and make them a customer.

So, don’t forget about what comes next. Will most viewers have deeper-level questions that can be answered on another page of your site, or by making contact with you? Then tell them that!

Can they learn even more by signing up for a free class or webinar, or requesting a sample? Then tell them that!

Make sure to end your video with directions to the next step, a clear call-to-action, and leverage your animated explainer video to it’s fullest potential!

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