5 Video Production Mistakes To Avoid

5 Video Production Mistakes To Avoid

From amateur to pro – Sidestepping 5 costly video production mistakes

Videos can capture attention, condense information, and highlight creativity in ways unmatched by other popular media forms. However, while video can be a valuable asset for any brand, mishandling it can have the opposite effect. Here are common video production mistakes to avoid to keep your content relevant, efficient, and captivating.

Not Focusing on a Single Message

  • Videos are supposed to tell a story, whether it’s about your brand, your product, or the people behind the scenes. Avoid overdoing it. It’s crucial to keep each of your videos focused on its intended message. Outline each video’s subject in your overall video content strategy.

Many people try to add too much information to their videos. However, overloading your video with information can make it overwhelming and disjointed, ultimately driving your audience away instead of engaging them. Keep things simple and stick to your video’s primary subject. You can always expand on your points in the next videos.

Using CTAs Ineffectively

  • A CTA (call to action) is the interactive component of your video content, whether it’s a “Visit Our Website” pop-up or a mention of your social media pages by the video’s host. While there are numerous methods to integrate CTAs into your videos, they all have the same objective: guiding the viewer toward a specific action.

Ensure your CTAs are effectively incorporated into your video content to avoid disrupting the viewer’s experience. CTAs don’t necessarily have to be placed at the end of your video. Positioning them near the beginning or middle can yield better results, capturing the viewer’s attention early on.

Not Adhering To Your Brand Guidelines

  • With unlimited creativity at your fingertips, it can be tempting to take your video campaign in an abstract direction. However, the more abstract you get, the further you may move from your brand’s true path. While it can be interesting and sometimes beneficial to deviate slightly from the norm, it is essential to adhere to your brand guidelines.

Moving too far from what characterizes your brand can hinder your ability to reach your target audience effectively. People may start to dissociate your company from the qualities that initially attracted them to you. Sticking to your brand guidelines when creating videos is key to retaining your current audience and attracting more members of your target market.

Producing Long Videos

  • When creating video marketing material, it can be tempting to produce content-rich videos or even a series of them. However, this often results in a waste of your company’s time and budget. Human attention spans have significantly decreased in recent years, and this change is reflected in the preferences of those who consume video media.

Research suggests that the most successful marketing videos are around 2 minutes in length. Additionally, keep your introduction brief. You need to grab the viewer’s attention quickly and switch straight to the core content. Long introductions about what the viewer will see are more likely to turn them away rather than engage them. Keep it short, sweet, and punchy.

Overly Promotional Approach

  • video production mistakesRemember, video is a powerful tool for drawing your target market closer to your brand. It’s meant to educate your audience about your company and develop your brand’s story simultaneously. An overly pushy approach is more likely to drive them away, so keep your content engaging and authentic.

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