5 Video Production Services Businesses Need Most

5 Video Production Services Businesses Need Most

Video is an essential tool for all businesses to be using across-the-board in their marketing, sales and even operational initiatives. It is so valued now more than ever, first because we are communicating across digital platforms so frequently, whether via computer, tablet, mobile device or over the internet. Also, simply because video makes receiving information more engaging, even enhancing information retention.

Because video is so valued, many businesses are producing video content on a regular basis. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of doing that is to partner with an agency that offers all of the video production services your company needs in order to create effective video content.

Here are some video production services that businesses need most.

video production services

1. Editing

Editing typically comes at the end of the video production process, after your team has gone over strategy and planning, executed production and captured all the footage and audio needed. But, I’m listing it first in the list of most-needed video production services because it’s one of the most utilized services of all!

Once footage is filmed it becomes a re-usable asset for your business. Just as a bag of groceries can be turned into more than one meal, your filmed footage can be cut together and edited to create a variety of videos for sharing in different ways.

Once you have a ton of footage, all that is needed is an editor who can go through it all and cut together different video edits each week, month or quarter to put out new visual communications that engage and inform viewers!


video production services

2. Strategy

As you read above, if you have the right strategy in place, you can capture all the footage you need to help you produce edits in an ongoing fashion over weeks, months or even years.

First you’ll need to review the different things you’d like to accomplish with the help of video (Boosting sales? Training new staff? Engaging social media followers?), then you’ll need help developing a video production strategy to capture and create the content your business needs.

video production services

3. Producing

Producing happens throughout the entire film production process. It’s one of the most critical roles in film production, as the producer keeps the entire project on track and makes all necessary decisions with regard to getting the film made.

Producing can include anything from writing scripts, to finding talent, to booking a location to shoot in, to securing the right props, to breaking down the filming schedule so that all shots are captured in an efficient manner.

Producing is a big job, and it is often more efficient to hire an experienced producer to take on all these tasks than to try to hire someone to start taking on all of these specialized tasks.

video production services

4. Filming

It’s far too easy to think that you can film something on your own with ease. The production process is an involved one for a reason, and it takes experience to navigate the process smoothly and successfully. It’s far more cost-effective and pleasant to work with a video production team that already knows exactly how to execute the setup, lighting, audio and filming.

Crew ranges from assistant directors and DP’s, to camera operators, production assistants, lighting or audio specialists, and styling crew such as hair, makeup and wardrobe stylists.

There is also a great range in equipment, so rather than investing in your own it’s worth it to partner with a team that already owns equipment or knows exactly what to rent – and how to use it all!

In addition to all of this, a professional team will have a surefire offload and back-up process that will protect your footage. This is of the utmost importance so that your painstakingly crafted footage is safe and accessible.

video production services5. Technical Specs, Distribution

Today we have so many different platforms for sharing video, including: websites, intranets, mobile apps, social media platforms, online video hosting platforms and more! Many of these methods of sharing or playing video differ in the specifications for the video file, so one of the most important video production services a company can provide is knowledge of exporting your video files exactly how you need them.

It’s important to work with a team that knows the current specifications for video length, file size, resolution, sound settings and more.

Aside from newer ways of distributing video, don’t forget about other long-standing methods such as television broadcast. The specifications for TV broadcast are very specific with regard to cropping as well as file naming. You’ll want to partner with a team that is up on all of these details.

These are just a few of the many video production services that must be considered – and delivered! – by your video production company. With these critical details in aesthetic styling and practical execution, your video will go from being a list of goals, to an ongoing flow of video content that can help your business achieve them!

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