Ways To Distribute Video Content: Advice From a NJ Video Production Company

Ways To Distribute Video Content: Advice From a NJ Video Production Company

As an expert video production company in NJ we at Grey Sky Films know that distribution is vital to the success of your video content. We all know the old adage: “If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Well, similar to that idea, if you invest time and money into video content, but don’t succeed at distribution, will your video have the powerful effect for which it was designed? Sadly, the answer is no.

Read on to learn several steadfast ways to distribute your video content…

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Video Hosting Platforms

Video files can be uploaded to the back-end of your website design, hosted there and viewed by visitors to your site, but a better strategy is to use a hosting platform and then share the video to your website and other places with an embed code. This allows your video to do double (or triple!) duty, because hosting platforms offer a range of benefits:


YouTube is owned by Google, which has 1.17 billion users! Google results will favor sites that prove to be legitimate, helpful and relevant to searchers, and will use YouTube listings to help assess that. Having video on your site’s landing page (embedded from YouTube) makes it 53% more likely to show up on the first page of Google’s results.


While Vimeo is not connected to Google, there are many valid reasons to choose it over YouTube. Vimeo makes up for quantity in what some perceive as better quality. Many people find Vimeo to be a more elevated, professional platform because it has a cleaner layout and is not inundated with ‘junk videos’.

Other Professional Video Hosting Platforms

Platforms like Wistia, Vidyard, Brightcove and others offer professional-looking options for hosting your videos, plus customization tools and integrations with marketing CRMs, which can be quite beneficial toward lead-nurturing.  Many marketers use YouTube for videos that have wide-spread appeal, but use a platform like Wistia to target and nurture leads with specific video content and information-gathering features.

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Live Events and Personal Interactions

Making real-life connections with viewers, customers, clients and partners is essential, and ultimately what marketing is all about. Video is the ultimate tool for bridging the gap at times when you cannot be face-to-face with someone.  These simple methods of distribution should not be overlooked, because they’re intuitive, powerful and because many of them are free!

Live Presentations

A video helps your audience become engaged in your presentation and retain information better! Your video can be multi-purposed by also using it online and referring to it in any follow-up correspondence.

Email Signatures, Business Cards and Print Collateral

There are ways to make digital content easily accessible from text and print. Use links in your email signature to make your video content just a click away. Include the URL of your video or a scannable QR code (which you can create for free online) in any printed collateral as well. This gives people easy access to your content and adds to the perception of overall professionalism and success!

Lobbies, Waiting rooms and Entrances

Any area in your business where people may occasionally be waiting, is an opportunity for you the make the most of your captive audience. Create a loop of your most valuable video content and keep it running in these areas.

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Social Media

YouTube and Vimeo are also social media platforms, as they are places where people go to interact with each other but also with content that they find useful or interesting.  The key to utilizing social media for distribution is to identify your target audience, and the social media platforms that best will help you reach them. Here are some other popular social media platforms where video content can be utilized:


Facebook offers a few ways to use video:

  1. You can upload a video directly to a Facebook profile and share it with your Facebook followers.
  2. You can embed a video that is hosted elsewhere (be it YouTube, Wistia or some other hosting platform).
  3. Facebook now allows you to upload a video to a Facebook profile and take an embed code from Facebook to share to other sites (as an alternative to YouTube).

Facebook also offers advertising options to push your video to the feeds of targeted viewers. So, if you have an advertising budget and a strategic video content idea that would benefit from Facebook views, this is a great option for distribution!

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LinkedIn focuses on profession. Each LinkedIn page works as a profile about an individual, a brand or a company. LinkedIn is a great place to embed video content such as bio videos, company overview videos, mission statements, event coverage or other PR-worthy pieces.


Instagram is all about visuals. It’s a lot like flipping through a catalog, being taken in by curated visual collections of products and lifestyles. Instagram is a great place to upload 15 second teasers of video to entice your audience to click through to another site destination: the full video or other website page.

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Similar to Instagram, Twitter limits video length, but to 30 seconds. This is a great way to tease audiences into clicking a link to another site destination, or for simply sharing a quick entertaining or educational video.


Periscope is a way to live-stream video, another great way to involve your community of followers. Periscope is great for live demo’s, interviews, or casual behind-the-scenes looks.  While this may sound easy, keep in mind that you’ll have to be ready to run your own smart-phone camera, while creating live content. Nothing is more detrimental to your marketing efforts than luring viewers in only to have them be bored or annoyed by your video content!


Again, if you invest time and money into video content, but don’t extend your strategy to proper methods of distribution, your video will lack the powerful effect for which it was designed. The above options are available to you, and you should use as many as possible, should they fit your goals.

Keep in mind: Distribution doesn’t mark the end of a video content strategy; rather, it’s something that benefits from consistent practice and improvement. The above options are easy ways to get started, and when you’re ready to dig deeper your expert video production company or agency in NJ can help!




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