Exceptional Content Ideas For Your Corporate Video

Exceptional Content Ideas For Your Corporate Video

Ready to shine? Discover 6 killer content ideas for your next corporate video production

In the dynamic corporate landscape, videos are essential for businesses to communicate their message effectively. Whether it’s for training, marketing, or brand development, a carefully created corporate video can make a significant impact on your audience. Listed below are content ideas for those seeking inspiration for their next corporate video.

Provide A Glimpse Into Your Employees’ Daily Routines

  • During the application or interview process, prospective candidates often wonder, “What does a typical day look like in this role?” Instead of offering a lengthy explanation, show them firsthand.

Follow one or more employees throughout their day, allowing them to narrate their tasks, project involvement, and other aspects of their work life. Videos like this illustrate employee collaboration, daily workload management, and insights into the company culture.

Capture Employee Feedback And Testimonials

  • Capture the firsthand experiences of your employees to show the inner workings of your company. Engage with your team members in a candid conversation about their experience working at your organization.

Encourage them to share their achievements, areas for growth, and the camaraderie they feel with their colleagues. With content straight from the source, you can create a narrative that resonates with potential recruits. For instance, Motorola used this approach to present a video featuring employee testimonials, a powerful tool for recruitment efforts.

Document Event Highlights

  • Create video highlights to show your audience the atmosphere of company events and conferences. Record memorable moments, conduct interviews with participants, and make any noteworthy announcements or product launches.

By highlighting the energy and purpose of these events, you can create lasting memories for attendees and offer valuable content for those unable to attend in person.

Demonstrate Your Product’s Functionality

  • If your business involves selling products, particularly in an online setting where customers can’t physically interact with them, consider showcasing their functionality through product videos. Show viewers how your products can be utilized to meet their needs and improve their lives.

Provide comprehensive information to simplify potential customers’ decision-making process. While you don’t necessarily have to replicate the style of famous infomercials, take inspiration from their approach to demonstrate product usage on camera for your corporate video effectively.

Offer a Peek Behind the Scenes

  • Behind-the-scenes product videos have gained immense popularity because people are naturally intrigued by how companies bring their creations to life. If you’re in the manufacturing industry, you have a unique opportunity to demonstrate the transformation of raw materials into finished products.

For businesses involved in product sales, consider revealing the journey from warehouse shelves to store displays or detailing your procurement and sales procedures. Hershey, for instance, invited the Food Network into its headquarters to show the fascinating process of making Hershey Kisses.

Introduce Product or Service Updates

  • content ideas for your corporate videoKeeping customers informed about product or service updates is essential for showing your commitment to constant improvement. Whether you’ve introduced a new feature to a popular product or launched a fresh service, sharing these updates through corporate videos can effectively convey your dedication to customer satisfaction.

You don’t need a detailed video for this; even a brief animated video can effectively communicate your message. Take inspiration from Google’s regular “news” series, where they announce updates to their properties, offering a template for your next corporate video.

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