15 Services the Best Film Production Companies in NYC Will Offer

15 Services the Best Film Production Companies in NYC Will Offer

The goal of a filmmaker is to create a visual world that submerges the viewer into the story they are trying to tell. This magical effect of quality filmmaking isn’t created by the simple wave of a wand. It’s the superb result of meticulous planning, creative performance and skilled execution.

If you have a script or screenplay that’s destined to leap off the page and into the cinematic stratosphere, it’s crucial that you find the best film production company in NYC; one that offers all of the high-quality services that will truly bring your vision to life:


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The scripting process benefits greatly from the eyes of a seasoned film expert, as well as from rounds of reading and revision. Working with a professional writer or creative team in NYC can help open up and smooth out a script, giving you the most effective storyline and authentic dialogue.

Creative Development

Any expert NYC film production company will dive deep into the stylistic elements that will play out in every aspect of the film: from look and feel, character and prop styling as well as technical applications like filming, lighting, editing and coloring.

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It’s crucial to find the perfect talent to assume the cast roles in your film. Professional actors hone their skills and bring their own natural characteristics to the table. An expert film production company can run a professional casting session in NYC or nationwide to properly assess these skills and natural qualities. This process will help find the best cast for your film.


Ok, so this is least creative or glamorous of all services, but it’s probably one of the most important. Scheduling is essential to ensure your film production stays on track and within budget, and that the crew is working like a well-oiled machine.

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Locations & Props

Location scouting and prop design are two different services that help achieve a similar goal: providing an authentic setting that amplifies the feeling of being submerged in the world of your film.

Your film production company can find locations to film in, be it a home, office, public area or other setting. They can also create a full list of props needed in each scene of your film, and have those props built, bought or made.


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Directing requires more expert skill than some people may think. Sure it requires the technical knowledge and the creative eye to break down shots and actions as well as lead the filming process.   It also takes strong leadership, clear communication, and the ability to keep the crew and cast focused and crystal clear on the objective at hand, often throughout long and intense days of filming.


Producing happens throughout the entire film production process. It’s one of the most critical roles in film production, as the producer keeps the entire project on track and makes all necessary decisions with regard to getting the film made.


Crew ranges from assistant directors and DP’s, to camera operators, production assistants, lighting or audio specialists, and styling crew such as hair, makeup and wardrobe stylists. The best film production company will have experienced crew members at the ready to operate each distinct function in your production.

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The best film production company has to have some serious chops when it comes to the equipment used in producing your film, from lighting equipment to audio to cameras and additional filming gear like sliders, jib-arms, jibs and more.

In addition to this, the best team will have a surefire offload and back-up process that will protect your footage. This is of the utmost importance so that your painstakingly crafted footage is safe and accessible.

Time Management & Flexibility

Every production comes with it’s own set of challenges because there are so many variables and moving parts. All of the above elements come together on the dates of actual filming, and uncontrollable elements, such as weather or illness, can often come into play as well.

Your ‘well-oiled machine’ also needs to zig and zag and turn on a dime. The best film production company will thrive at time management as well as quick thinking and flexibility.


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Editing is truly where the magic happens, and superior editing skills will be needed to take all of your footage and turn it into the film experience you’ve envisioned all along. Editing is an in-depth process that involves selection of the best footage, and cutting it all together to tell the story in a way that will rope viewers in and deeply resonate with them. This requires several rounds of editing to go from a first cut to subsequent revisions that will tighten up the seamless portrayal of your story.

Color Correcting & Color Grading

Beyond basic editing are specialized services that put a distinct look and aesthetic styling to your film. These services include color correcting and color grading. Color correcting will adjust the tones within the footage.

In color-grading, your editing professional will apply a custom color-tone and light adjustment scheme frame-by-frame throughout your film. (think the way you apply a filter in a mobile photo editing app, but more customized and thorough.)

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Music & Sound Effects

The last thing you want in the final stages of editing your film is to have music or sound effects that work against your film and pull viewers away from being engaged. The right score, track or effects can make or break the tone and cohesiveness of a film. It takes time and expertise to select the perfect audio accompaniments for your film.

Special Effects

Special Effects artist can bring your film to a whole new level by adding in visual effects you were not able to produce in real life: from smoke or flames to explosions, to textures, scenery or even complete characters.

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Final Quality

Nowadays most films are produced, captured and featured in digital format. Your final film will need to look its best when it finally debut’s on screen, and a professional film production company will ensure that your final film file is handled and exported to the fullest level of quality for digital playback or projection.

Sharing your film online as well? You’ll need a web or mobile-ready file prepared as well for distribution across digital channels.


These are just a few of the many details that must be considered – and delivered! – by your NYC film production company. With these critical details in aesthetic styling and practical execution, your film will go from being a vision in your mind, to a concept on the page, to a triumphant accomplishment and a work of art on the big (or small) screen!

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