How Product Videos Can Grow Your Business?

How Product Videos Can Grow Your Business?

From clicks to customers – Explore the hidden power of product videos in your marketing arsenal

The power of compelling visuals cannot be overstated in a dynamic business landscape with fleeting attention spans and many consumer options available. As businesses strive to capture their target audience’s interest, product videos emerge as a powerful tool that goes beyond traditional marketing approaches to reshape businesses. Keep reading to learn how product videos can grow your business.

Gen Z’s Prefers Video-Centric Content

  • 87% of Generation Z prefers branded videos or advertisements where individuals discuss a product. This generation is renowned for its digital connectivity and budget-conscious mindset. Understanding their buyer behavior becomes crucial for digital success as they progressively enter their peak purchasing years.

When researching products, individuals in this age group tend to seek out video-centric content, such as advertisements, demonstrations, tutorials, unboxing, or influencer reviews. This preference results from the desire to gain practical insights into a product’s functionality and real-life appearance. Creating product videos around these concepts can propel your business forward by fostering user engagement and conversion.

Product Videos Impact Purchasing Decisions

  • Visual content largely impacts consumer decision-making, and this isn’t exclusive to just one generation. A significant 55% of consumers from various age groups leverage videos to guide their purchasing choices, as revealed by Google’s 2019 data. Even when physically present in a store, 55% of shoppers turn to online videos to assist them in making informed decisions while navigating through aisles.

The authenticity embedded in these videos is key in guiding purchasing decisions. Beyond the allure of well-crafted visuals, consumers value real, unfiltered insights. Businesses provide a transparent view by incorporating product videos, fostering a deeper sense of trust. The product videos empower buyers with valuable information, ensuring their understanding of the products and contributing to overall satisfaction with their purchases. As trust grows with each successful transaction, businesses solidify their standing with consumers.

Foster Consumer Engagement

  • 71% of consumers favor video content over other forms of marketing communication. This preference signifies a shift in consumer behavior, highlighting video’s essential role in capturing audience attention and fostering engagement. Effective marketing involves clearly understanding the products or services, ultimately influencing consumer decisions.

Video content clarifies confusion and provides comprehensive information regarding the features and benefits of the product. Therefore, the key objective of your marketing strategy should be to address consumer queries by delivering high-quality and informative content. The adoption of video content aligns with this goal, creating a dynamic platform that answers questions and enhances the overall consumer experience, cultivating a sense of trust and encouraging informed purchasing decisions.

Tips to Create Engaging Product Videos

product videosCreating videos for your products is a great way to build customer trust. Here are a few types you can try:


  • Walk your audience through the functionality of your product or service in a real-world context by creating demos and tutorials.

Influencer Marketing Videos

Ads or Video Promotions

  • Highlight your product’s features in shorter videos, focusing on its key attributes without delving into extensive details.

User-Generated Content

  • Encourage satisfied customers to film video reviews or unboxing experiences, creating authentic content to share on social media or your website.

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