Importance Of A Solid Background In Video Production

Importance Of A Solid Background In Video Production

Here are compelling reasons why a solid background in video production is important for your career

Choosing the background of your video plays a huge role in how your story is told. A strategically chosen background and location of the shoot can save you considerable time. Most videos are filmed around the office or studio using a sheet of seamless paper. Keep reading to learn the importance of choosing a solid background for video production.

The Paper Background

  • While its origins may be somewhat elusive, paper background has undeniably become the go-to choice for video backgrounds. It consists of a big roll of photo paper, 107 inches wide. It is available in various colors and costs approximately $60 per roll. A paper background setup lets you capture striking shots virtually anywhere, ensuring a visually appealing video outcome.

Additionally, your viewers will never know where your paper setup is located. Viewers can only see a smiling face in front of a solid-colored background through the camera lens. If you’re worried about messy office space or home office, the paper background can cover it all.

The Natural Office Setting

  • Using your real office as a backdrop adds authenticity to your videos. It gives a genuine feel, capturing people in their usual workspace creating a sense of time and place. This kind of background is ideal for testimonials and more relaxed video messages.

Factors To Consider

  • If the background isn’t interesting, use a fast lens like 50mm to blur it out, keeping the focus on the person.
  • Pay attention to what’s in the shot. Remove unnecessary or distracting items, and skip the fake plants.
  • If other people are around, politely ask them to stay put for a few minutes while you record.
  • Be mindful of ambient light changes, especially on sunny days. Waiting for a cloudy day can provide more consistent lighting.
  • When shooting multiple people, change the location or angle to avoid a jump cut and keep the shots diverse.

The Whiteboard Background

  • A whiteboard can also be used for video production. However, the main challenges with this setup are reflections and glare. Use four lights with large softboxes to achieve even lighting, reducing shadows and harsh glare on the whiteboard.

When selecting lights, emphasize the importance of a soft light source and the ability to control power and brightness. Regardless of your budget, follow basic lighting principles. The best practices can provide impressive results with even the most affordable lighting kits.

The Great Outdoors

  • solid background in video productionVideo shoots in the great outdoors can add excitement but come with challenges. Different times of the day bring varied lighting conditions, impacting your subject. Therefore, thoughtful consideration of the shoot time is crucial. Tools like ND filters, reflectors, and silks enhance your shot, ensuring a well-balanced and properly exposed outcome. A 5 in 1 reflector is ideal for outdoor shoots. With five sides serving various purposes, it helps add or diffuse light for a more flattering look.

Exploring creative possibilities within your budget and resources can elevate your videos. Different backgrounds can give your videos a standout quality, creating a captivating experience and look. Selecting a perfect video background adds a professional touch to your content, directing your audience’s attention to the message you aim to convey. Whether finding the ideal color or skillfully mounting your backdrop, these tips will help you create business video content that stands out.

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