LinkedIn Video Marketing

LinkedIn Video Marketing

In our last post, we talked about the importance of incorporating video content in your social media marketing strategy. This time, we’re focusing on the importance of including LinkedIn in your social media mix.

Out of all of the social media platforms, LinkedIn set itself apart as the  “professional social media” network. While the platform may not have the most users of all the social networks, the number of users has grown from 467 million in 2016 to 590 million by the end of 2018. In response to this uptick in users and to keep up with the other social media sites, LinkedIn recently released new features designed to increase engagement, including LinkedIn Videos.

LinkedIn Video

Because LinkedIn provides a balance between professionalism and creativity, it’s a great place to test out new thought-leadership content. According to social media strategist, Goldie Chan, “about 45% of all B2B buyers make purchasing decisions based on LinkedIn content. So if you’re on LinkedIn and you’re a B2B marketer, you have a good chance of reaching people who can help you move sales.” Research has shown that LinkedIn video posts earn 3x more engagement than text posts and native videos have 5x the potential to start a conversation with your audience. 

Clearly, LinkedIn videos are a must-have for your overall video marketing strategy, but you need to ensure your content resonates with your specific audience and the platform’s general audience. This entails:

  1. Understanding how people use the platform and developing content that resonates with your audience.
  2. Knowing the difference between native and non-native videos.

1. Understanding how people use the platform and developing content that resonates with your audience.

This is a must for ANY social media platform and ANY content you create and publish. According to research conducted by LinkedIn, the two most prevalent groups on the platform are Millennials and Gen Xers — Millennials are interested in content that educates and informs, inspires, and helps develop their skills while Gen Xers are interested in content that they find personally relevant and informs them of the latest industry trends. To get more specific information about your target audience on LinkedIn, consider adding the LinkedIn Insight Tag to your website to create more tailored content based on your insight findings.  

2. Knowing the difference between native and non-native videos.

As with any other social media platform, LinkedIn’s algorithm favors native videos, or videos uploaded directly to the site, over links to non-native videos. Native videos load faster than non-native videos, which in turn increases the overall engagement and view count for the post. You can see the difference in format for native (first) and non-native (second) video posts below.

Native LinkedIn Video

Non-Native LinkedIn Video

To ensure your video content performs the best it can, here are a couple of best practice tips for optimizing your native LinkedIn videos:

  • Length – LinkedIn videos can be between 3 seconds and 10 minutes long, although research has shown that videos that are less than 3 minutes long perform the best.
  • File Size – Make sure your video files are 5GB or smaller to ensure they upload quickly to the site and they load and play quickly for your audience.
  • Brand Personality and Voice – Just because you’re posting to the “professional social media platform” doesn’t mean that your target audience and followers don’t want to see your brand personality and voice come through in your videos. LinkedIn has some customization options to add to your video, including filters, captions, and stickers.
  • Subtitles – Just as your other video content should be viewable without sound, the same applies to LinkedIn videos. Always include subtitles and caption in your video content to increase overall comprehension.

Aside from the steps above, your post copy needs to be well written, engaging, informative, and entertaining with all relevant hashtags and mentions included in the text. 

There you have it! Who’s ready to give LinkedIn videos a try?

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