How to Find the Best Movie Production Company in NYC

How to Find the Best Movie Production Company in NYC

How to Find the Best Movie Production Company in NYC

Making a movie, short film or documentary can be an inspirational and extremely fulfilling journey.  Movies, as well as their plots, characters, lines and music magically connect with us on a multitude of levels and resonate with us for years to come. Often complex and challenging, movie production in NYC can be full of surprises and happy accidents as well as moments where meticulous plans come to successful fruition.

Whether you’re looking for the best movie production company to produce and direct your scripted short, or produce and edit a riveting documentary or any other type of film project, these important tips (and classic movie quotes!) will help you find the best production company to trust with executing your vision and creating a movie to remember.


Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. – Forrest Gump

Commit to Researching your Options

I know the character Forrest Gump is loveable, but let’s not forget: he sat on that bench for a long time waiting for a bus when he was actually walking distance to his destination. While this quote from the movie is a clever and cute metaphor for life, I know whenever I shop for chocolates I can tell quite a bit about them by their brand image, packaging and their list of ingredients. Some chocolates even come with that handy little map of what’s what, helping you avoid that rock-hard nougat one you hate!

My point is that research and evaluation are key to finding the best option, whether it’s sweets or service! The more effort you apply to evaluation, the more secure you’ll be in your final decision to commit. Start with an online search and inspection of company websites and portfolios. Commit some time to gather a decent list of candidates in your area (or those within a reasonable radius for travel). For more general tips on what to look for in a production company in NYC, check out this previous post.

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I don’t throw darts at a board. I bet on sure things. Read Sun-tzu, The Art of War. Every battle is won before it is ever fought. – Gordon Gekko

Look for Expertise and Thoroughness

The success of any important endeavor – especially those of significant monetary investment – requires meticulous planning. Be sure to search for a company, team, or individual with the expertise to ensure all details are addressed meticulously in planning your movie production. A thorough discovery and planning process are key signs of this trait, and should be obvious from the earliest stages of your interactions with a company’s website or representatives.

Be ready with all thoughts and details you have in mind for your project, as well as a list of questions. A skilled team will also lead you through a comprehensive list of questions, to uncover as much information as possible and lead you in a meticulous planning and execution process. Be wary of those who promise a great amount before they know the full details about your project. While every large project is bound to have it’s share of surprises and challenges, being well-prepared and experienced helps to minimize wagering the success of your production on circumstances or luck.

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You complete me. – Jerry Maguire

Find the Best Personality Fit

Don’t underestimate the importance of evaluating a company or team’s personality, cooperation and communication style. These traits are often key to a successful working relationship. A movie production is a process with many moving parts. You’ll want to feel like the entire team understands your vision and your goals, and will also work well with you. It’s important to have a team that can navigate challenges cooperatively and with a positive attitude.

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Nobody puts baby in a corner. – Johnny Castle

Partner with a True Supporter

You may not need the added support, but if you do it’s good to find a company that truly cares about the success of every project it touches. No man is an island, and having a network of support can do great things. There are a lot of folks out there who can operate a camera, and use editing software, but beyond the production realm there is a lot to be said for companies that form true partnerships. Maybe you’ll find a company that offers additional support as a service, helping you submit your short to film festivals or to create short edits or trailers for enhanced promotion. Or, perhaps you’ll find a company that supports you in sharing your newsworthy documentary with their clients or on their social media pages.

Whatever form it comes in, support beyond the production is an added bonus and a valuable asset.  When you start out on that search for the best movie production company, don’t forget to think long-term and include “true supporter” on your list of qualifications.



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