Brand New Video Content for Grey Sky Films’s 22nd Anniversary

Brand New Video Content for Grey Sky Films’s 22nd Anniversary

Brand New Video Content for Grey Sky Films’s 22nd Anniversary

Hey! Guess what!? Grey Sky Films is 22! Can you believe it? We certainly can’t. What a whirlwind it has been. Over the last 22 years we’ve produced a TON of video content, worked on a multitude of unique projects, met some amazingly talented people, and created thousands of videos, like broadcast commercials, corporate and branded content, short films, and so much more! And you know what? We’ve had such a blast doing it!

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A Look Back

If you don’t already know, Grey Sky Films is a full service Video Production company. We were founded way back in October of 2000. We found some early success as a music video production company and worked with the likes of Sting, Train and Tony Bennet. As all things do, Grey Sky evolved. Our passion for creating content that performs for our clients led us to become the full service company we are today! From pre-production to production, post production and beyond, we do it all. 

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Nostalgia beckons though, and we were thrilled to take a step back and smell the roses. As we look back on our accomplishments these past 22 years we are also excited to see what the future brings. We’re setting goals for the future that include developing new relationships, cultivating our existing ones, and of course, creating engaging, eye-catching video content.

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Overview Video

Over the last 22 years we’ve also created a lot of video content for ourselves. And to tell you the truth, even our video content gets stale. We were feeling like we needed a refresh, so we created a brand new Overview video! Featuring our Creative Director and Producer, Dana Serao, our new Overview shares just how Grey Sky Films creates performance driven videos for your business. 


We have also created a new landing page for people searching for video production companies on Google.


How Much Does a Video Cost?

We also decided to refresh an oldie, but a goodie – the “How Much Does A Video Cost?” video.


“How much does a video cost?” is the number one most frequently asked question, and it’s really just so hard to answer. So we created this video to help explain to our clients and potential clients what factors and considerations go into quoting out a project for you. We’ve released a series of blogs on this hot topic over the years.

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Grey Sky is intensely passionate about what we do and are immensely grateful for the opportunities video production has given us. Like filming in far and distant lands, creating beautiful yet functional video content that make our clients so happy, and exploring new ways to grow our business and make lifelong connections with the most talented people in the industry.  

The past 22 years have been truly exceptional. We are so thankful to everyone who has joined us on this journey, from our incredible clients, to our hard working employees and colleagues who have been by our sides creating video content we are exceptionally proud of. We are so excited to see what’s next! 

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