7 Tips to Instantly Enhance Your Video Production Quality in NJ

7 Tips to Instantly Enhance Your Video Production Quality in NJ

7 Tips to Instantly Enhance Your Video Production Quality in NJ

Lots of NJ companies are using video production to promote their businesses. Some have the budget to hire a professional video production company, while others are taking a more DIY hands-on approach. If you’re creating or thinking about creating your own videos to promote your business, here are 7 tips that can help you to instantly enhance your video production quality.


Spontaneity is great, heck the majority of those ‘viral videos’ are usually spontaneous moments that just happen to be caught on camera. But to really enhance the quality of your video production you want to make sure that you think it through and plan it out. Think about the end game. Storyboarding, outlining, and scripting your video will help you to really think about your target audience, your message, and ensure that you don’t forget any key points that you want to convey with the video. Taking the time to plan out the video will also force you to think about the locations, people, and props that you may need for each shot, and save you from unexpected delays on the day of filming.


Location, location, location. You’ve heard it a million times, so why are you filming your video in front of that smudged up window and dead plant? Be very aware of what is in the scene that you are filming. Take a photo or quick video of the location you want to use and analyze it like it’s the first time you’re seeing it. Does it look like there is a plant growing out of the head of the person on camera? Might want to move that. Does the setting look beat up or run down? Look around for another spot or a better camera angle to showcase the best part of your company. There’s a reason professional video production companies do location scouting and take the time to carefully compose shots. It’s important to consider what is in the frame for each shot and even move around furniture and decorations to create a nice and professional looking set. You can even look for ways to incorporate your company logo into the shot. If you really don’t want to show your location, there’s always the option to film at a studio, and NJ has plenty to choose from!

Audio Quality

Bad audio instantly brings down the quality of a video production. We’ve all heard videos where it sounds like the person is in a wind tunnel, or shouting, or just too far away from the camera. If you’re filming with a mobile device, the onboard mics are getting better, but they still aren’t as great as the professional equipment. If you’re going to be creating a lot of videos, make the investment in a quality microphone. And make sure to record in a quiet space. You can always add background sounds and music in post-production, but it’s a lot harder to take sounds out.


Your friends and family may work for free, but if they can’t act or deliver a line naturally on camera it’s going to bring down the quality of your video production. If you need people in your video to demonstrate a product or talk about your company, choose wisely! Hold auditions, yes even if it’s for family members. Remember, this video is going to represent your company and you want to put your best foot forward. If you can’t find anyone to work for free, you may need to pay a professional (or aspiring professional) actor, but I promise, the improvement in quality will be worth the price.

Vertical Video

How many professional videos have you seen that are filmed vertically….. the answer is most likely zero. An easy way to instantly enhance your video production and make it look more professional? Turn that mobile device or cell phone horizontal to film. Ahhhh, isn’t that so much better?


Use a tripod if possible, or if you’re filming on a mobile device, prop it up on something stable so that your footage doesn’t look like some shaky horror movie footage…. unless that’s what you’re going for, then by all means, shake it up.


Some basic editing will go a long way to enhancing the quality of your video production. The addition of professional looking titles, your logo, some background music, all add to the perception of quality, and consequently an enhanced perception of your business. The marketing world is superficial, and most viewers are going to judge a video by it’s quality, so make sure that you are portraying your business in the best light possible. Knowing that you are able to make edits also takes some of the pressure off of the production. This way you don’t need to get through your dialogue all at once, and you have the ability to piece together clips and add b-roll to cover up edits. That’s why post-production is where the real magic happens!


I hope these simple tips will help you to enhance your video production quality and your company’s image. If you’ve tried the DIY approach and are wondering what it’s like to work with a professional NJ video production company, download a copy of our guide – What it’s like to work with Grey Sky Films – today!

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