How Much Does Corporate Video Production Cost in NYC?

How Much Does Corporate Video Production Cost in NYC?

Estimating the cost of a corporate video production in NYC depends upon they type of video being created, and the nature of the content being filmed and edited in order to create the final product.

Right now, you may have some idea of what you want filmed and edited, and you may just want to know: What’s it going to cost?

Well I’d love to give you the magic answer right here, right now, but let’s be honest: it takes a discussion to fully understand the scope of any desired project. There are quite a few variables and ‘moving parts’ to every production.

If you’re not ready for a discussion with a corporate video production provider, at least you can gather your information and decide exactly what it is you will need from a production agency or crew.

My goal in this post is to help you understand what may be needed in your next corporate video production, and to prep you to discuss your goals with a corporate video production company.

Basic Costs: Time X Team = $$$

Some basic costs related to any corporate video production in NYC include the number of people working on the project, and how many hours they are working.

Your corporate video production could be: filming a presentation or meeting, creating a fun or creative video for a gala or charity dinner, or creating a suite of videos for training, compliance or updates to human resources policies. The list is endless, and there are many details to consider!

To start understanding the scope of your project, consider the variables listed in the video above.  Depending on what you are filming, you may need any or all the following team or crew-members:

  • Producers to manage, coordinate, write scripted dialogue or interview questions, and provide other direction.
  • Creative Director to oversee scene or style elements or uphold particular styling or brand standards.
  • Writers if your piece is not yet written or requires some additional fine-tuning.
  • Production Crew including any of the following: director, camera operators, production assistants and more.
  • Post-Production Crew including editors or special effects and graphics designers.
  • Project Managers to handle a variety of tasks and details.

If you have no idea of what to film, an experienced corporate video production NYC agency can help you with ideas for content and strategy that will help you achieve your corporate performance goals.

Above-the-Line Costs

Aside from the elements I’ve described above, there are a variety of items that come with their own price tags, including: talent, wardrobe, hair and makeup, craft services, or travel costs.

At first glance some of these items may seem superfluous; but, on the contrary, they are essential to upholding high standards for brand image and visual quality.

Consider the following tips generally recommended for corporate video productions:

  • If key corporate employees will be on-camera, it’s wise to book a a hair and makeup artist as well as a wardrobe stylist. Things look different on camera and these specialists will ensure your corporate image is top notch!
  • For certain roles, it can be more reliable and effective to use actors or extras instead of company employees.
  • If your production involves many people for a long span of time, it may be wise to include catering or craft services. Throughout a long day of focus and poise under the bright lights, everyone can re-charge and re-hydrate!

Other Potential Costs: Post-Production Assets

Once filming has been completed, the footage is passed along to the post-production department to be edited together along with any related images, stock footage, logos, music or sound effects. In general, editing hours will be estimated up front based on project scope.

Aside from the time it takes for an editor to work on the project, there are various costs related to assets that may need to be purchased:

  • Stock images or footage: Stock photos, images or video can be purchased for anywhere between $10 and a few hundred dollars each, depending on source and license.
  • Royalty-free Music:  Most videos benefit greatly from a music track as well as sound effects. A music track can be licensed for anywhere between $50 to hundreds of dollars. Well-known or popular music can also be licensed, obviously at a much greater investment.
  • Special Effects or Animation:  While this falls into the category of time, depending on what is desired, partnering with an industry specialist may be the best way to get technical animations created for your video.

All of these factors in production should be considered in order to help you lock down your concept and strategy for corporate video production.

Knowing the concept, strategy, as well as practical details involved will help a video production company provide you with the most accurate estimate possible.

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