How to Find the Best Video Production Agencies in NY

How to Find the Best Video Production Agencies in NY

How to Find the Best Video Production Agencies in NY

A video production agency is a team that will serve as a one-stop shop for all of your video production needs, from creating ideas and strategies from scratch, to executing the technical and creative tasks along the way, to final file delivery and video marketing support.

Finding the most qualified and trusted agency partner for video production is a journey that likely starts with an online search, but hopefully ends with a successful launch of your outstanding video project, and maybe even a round of high-fives and brew-ski’s.

Video production will always come with challenges, surprises and blessings in disguise, so you really will benefit from having the very best team on your side. Whether you’re looking for corporate video production, or to produce a video product of another kind, the following steps can help you find the best video production team around:

how to find the best video production agencies

Start with a Search

The best way to start is with an online search for video production agencies or companies in your area using a variety of search terms or keywords that fit your particular situation. Try being specific about whether you are seeking corporate video production, another style of video production or industry-specific wording, such as “manufacturing training video”.

Try expanding your area of search. Start by searching nearby (i.e. Morris County, NJ) then expand state or region or try searching major cities nearby.  Most video production teams are readily prepared to travel and need not be located right in your backyard, though it could be a convenient bonus if they are.

Be sure to note agencies that come up via organic results as well as paid ads. Give a few websites a look, and start crafting a short list of some prospective agencies. You’re getting warmer!

the best video production agencies

Let’s Go to the Video

Obviously the first thing you’re likely to do on any video production agency’s website is go straight for their video samples. And this is exactly what you should do!  The best video production agencies will have plenty of work ready to be viewed right on their website.

Spend some time looking through any and all samples available on a video production agency’s website. Look for samples that match your industry, your business goals, or the style you are seeking; but, if you find samples you really like that don’t match your industry or an idea you already have in mind, don’t count them out!  If you like the work you see, start from there, and ideas can always be tweaked and modified to fit your brand, industry, or creative vision.

best video production agencies

Dig a Little Deeper

Once you’ve perused a video production agency’s online video portfolio, take a further look to see what they have to say about themselves, and what their existing or past clients have to say about them.  The best video production agencies won’t just be tooting their own horn, but will have clients, colleagues and fans tooting it for them!

See what other content they offer on their site, and what it says about them as a company.  Do they seem willing to engage in educating and building trust with their clients? Are they rookies to the video production game or have they had long time all-star experience? Commit some time to digging around your top choices to get a good feel for an agency’s strengths.


Make Contact

Once you have found an agency and have gotten to know a little about them through a great online presence, the next great step in your hunt for the best will be to reach out and make a connection with the team.

The best agencies will be ready to help you regardless of whether you end up being a fit for their agency or not.  They will be ready to discuss ideas and get a better understanding of what you looking for.

They will also be equipped and prepared to lead you through discussion, helping to discover all the necessary details related to your video production needs: your video’s purpose, creative style, schedule, budgetary concerns as well as long-term goals for an ongoing relationship.

Every team and business can benefit from a long-lasting relationship or partnership with a trusted provider. You may just be starting your journey simply looking to knock out a single video production, but hopefully by following the guidelines above you’ll find a highly qualified and talented video production agency worthy of being your trusted partner for years to come.

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