How to Use Video Production Services to Enhance Your Marketing in NYC

How to Use Video Production Services to Enhance Your Marketing in NYC

So, you’re thinking of adding video to your already-outstanding arsenal of marketing tools? Well, you’re a smart marketer, and 93% of experienced marketers are using video to enhance their marketing. According to a study from Aberdeen Group, video users are on a different level, and organizations that use video grow their revenue 49% faster year-over-year than non-user organizations. With stats like these, it’s no wonder video production services are being used to enhance marketing practices in businesses in NYC and worldwide!

Today, modern marketers can (and should) reach their prospective buyers with video across multiple channels: websites, e-mails, apps, social media sites, and let’s not forget in-person meetings, presentations and live events. This makes the role of the modern marketer more geared toward creating diverse content to target leads, nurture sales, and increase conversions across these channels.

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Crafting the right video content for your NYC business can be a challenge. To help you get started, below are a few types of video content that can be used in the three stages of the sales funnel:

  • TOP of the funnel (TOFU) Where the customer first discovers your company.
  • MIDDLE of the funnel (MOFU) Where further investigation into your company occurs.
  • BOTTOM of the funnel (BOFU) Where they (hopefully) become a customer.

TOFU Video Content

In this early phase, prospective clients know they’re in need of a product or service and go searching for a solution, or they encounter you for the first time via networking, trade show or sales call.

Use the following pieces of video content to enhance your TOFU marketing:

  • Overview Videos: An overview video is a high-level introduction to your company, its products or services. It should be a short introductory piece (under 2 minutes) that can be used in presentations, introduction emails, or live on your website as evergreen content, thereby enhancing your site’s SEO ranking. Adding a video like this to your landing page makes it 53% more likely to show up on the first page of Google search results!
  • PR or Blog Content: Create short videos to cover important PR-worthy topics such as company improvements, new developments, or charity work. These videos can be multi-purposed: Use them in blogs or newsletters, personal or group e-mails, share them on social media, and even use them for quarterly recaps or annual reports. Now that’s what I call getting some bang for your buck!
  • Personal Video Messages: Sales representatives thrive on making strong connections with prospects, and their first meetings and follow-ups need to be personal and memorable. Video can be used to send lively personalized message to prospects via email, helping to keep that great connection alive.

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MOFU Video Content

Someone searching for exactly what you have to offer has found you online or via personal connection, and so far you seem to be a fit for them! So far. Now is the time when they’ll dig a little deeper for more specific information like process, reputation and pricing. The MOFU stage is arguably the most critical; according to Hubspot, it distinguishes casual information gatherers from people who are really interested in buying (hopefully from you).

Use the following pieces of video content to enhance your MOFU marketing:

  • Testimonial Videos: Perhaps the most powerful video content out there, testimonials let prospects watch real clients tell their stories about how your company helped them solve a problem.
  • Product or Service Overviews or Demo’s: Video is an uber-powerful way to break down the features and benefits of your products or services. It also helps the viewer get a sense of what their experience will be like if they pursue your offering, helping them “get their feet wet” and helping you get rid of any reservations they may be experiencing due to unfamiliarity.
  • Case Studies: Case Study videos take education a step further, offering more of the nitty-gritty information: timeline, hours, pricing, process, and proven results. These videos can be longer; After all, if your prospect has come this far they’re invested and prepared to spend time learning more.

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BOFU Video Content

The bottom of the funnel is where your prospect decides you are the solution to their problems, and either clicks “BUY” or puts that final scribbly signature on an agreement. Depending on your product and sales process, you could use video to nudge this actual conversion or you can make use of video after they sign on to support your new customer now that they are part of the family.

Use the following pieces of video content to enhance your BOFU marketing:

  • Conversion Video: Let’s say a prospect has gone through all the funnel stages (either with you personally or through your digital content), but just hasn’t quite made a commitment.  A video can recap  everything they will gain from working with you. Remind them of all the powerful information that has connected with them thus far, and end with a strong call-to-action. It might be just the nudge they need to make a purchase or sign on with you.
  • Training or Support Videos: Once a client has signed on that line, what next? All of this rich information and content led them down the trail to signing on, you don’t want to leave them high-and-dry now! This is where short support videos come in handy to answer the most frequently asked questions, or to guide a product user through different steps.
  • Video Newsletters and Video Blog Updates: Similar to the PR-worthy short videos we discussed in the TOFU stage, similar bits of video content should address content that is valuable to existing clients and those who already use your products or services: industry news, product updates, new product launches or developments, or simply personal outreach to continuously connect with your customers and supporters.

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Not to sound like a broken record, but most of these pieces of content can cleverly be re-purposed for external or internal use. For example: training and support videos can be hosted online for customers to refer to, but can also be used to on-board new staff or employees. Videos produced to support your sales process can also be used for internal communications, operations and to even help build unity company-wide!

Connect with a trusted video production agency for help in building a strategy based on your company’s budget and most important initiatives. They’ll be able to recommend and strategically coordinate video production services to enhance your marketing (and more) like no other resource can!

Additional Resources, aside from links above, include:

Forrester Report, “Market Overview: Online Video Platforms for Sales and Marketing”.

Aberdeen Group Report, “The Impact of Video Marketing”.

Brightcove E-book, “Convince Your Boss It’s Time For Video Marketing”.







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