5 Things to Look for in a Production Company in NYC

5 Things to Look for in a Production Company in NYC

5 Things to Look for in a Video Production Company in NYC

Are you a company in NYC looking to create a great video for your business? Here’s some tips for the top 5 things to look for in a video production company.


One of the most important things to look for in a video production company is the quality of their work. This company is going to be creating content that represents your business, so you’ll want to make sure that the quality of the video reflects the quality of your company. Most production companies will have samples on their website, but be sure to ask to see samples similar to the type of video that you are looking for. There’s no shortage of video production companies in NYC, so be picky and make sure that you’re confident that the company you choose can produce a quality video to represent your business.


You’re the expert in your industry, your video production company should be the expert in theirs. Expertise is important when selecting a video production company, especially if you are new to the process. A good production company will guide you along throughout the process, setting clear expectations and timelines. They will also have answers to any questions that may come up throughout the project, and even make recommendations and suggestions to help make the video the best it can be. A lot of NYC video production companies are among the best in the biz. So look for someone that is going to be your partner and be dedicated to making the best video for you and your company, not just what’s going to be the easiest or most expensive.


An ideal video production company will work efficiently and effectively, carefully scheduling out the shoot so that your employees are only needed for the minimum amount of time, and they aren’t intrusive to your day-to-day operations. They will utilize only the necessary amount of crew so that they can move quickly and get the job done. Looking for ways to maximize your time and get you the most for your budget.

Culture Fit

Working on a video requires a lot of collaboration. Make sure that you can get along with the people at the video production company that you hire. Any company that is going to be creating content about your business should be able to relate to your company’s culture, and have an understanding of your mission and values. If you’re a local brand, a NYC video production company is not only going to be able to help you on the technical side, but they will be familiar with your audience as well.


And last, but not least, creativity. If you want your video to stand out from the competition, it will need to be more creative. Check out the samples for any video production company you are considering. Are they all basically the same video just with different company logos? Look for a production company with a wide range of creativity, from fictional scripted pieces, crazy ‘viral’ videos, or unique usage of editing techniques and effects. Don’t be put off by a company that has samples that are ‘a little too creative’. If anything, let that show you that they will be able to bring something new to the table for your project, and help elevate your video to another level.


I hope these five tips will help you to find the right video production company for your NYC business. When you’re ready to get started with your video, check out this blog on how to make the most out of your video production.


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