Top 7 Brand Video Trends Of 2024

Top 7 Brand Video Trends Of 2024

Level up your brand story – 2024’s brand video trends revealed by industry experts

2024 has brought excitement to the world of video production and digital marketing. It’s a time of new ideas and creativity. Brands are working on visual projects that use digital tools to reach their audience. This article highlights the top brand video trends of 2024. Keep reading to learn more.

AI-Enhanced Personalization

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t just a trendy term anymore; it’s a game-changer. In 2024, AI is greatly influencing brand and employer videos. This means content that understands and caters to your audience’s preferences, creating interactions that feel deeply personalized and engaging.

However, it is important to remember that although AI does much of the work, the real secret is your creative input. While AI can assist with generating ideas and designing concepts, the key to winning brand video lies in infusing brand personality into your content. This can be a distinguishing factor that gives you a competitive advantage.

Adapt Content for Voice Search

  • Voice search is on the rise. Brands need to adapt their video content for voice search optimization. Consider using conversational, long-tail keywords in your videos. This strategy isn’t just about being discovered; it’s about creating a smooth, engaging brand journey.

Another exciting development in search is the increasing capability of search engine results pages (SERPs) to understand the context of a video. There are instances where search results feature segments from videos for specific topics or concepts.

Embrace User-Generated Content

  • When it comes to authenticity, user-generated content (UGC) takes the crown. Featuring real users, their stories, and experiences can greatly enhance your brand’s authenticity and relatability.

This is particularly important when engaging with younger audiences who are native to platforms like TikTok. They have a keen sense of detecting inauthentic content.

Chatbots are Your Brand Allies

  • Chatbots are becoming increasingly intelligent. In 2024, leverage them in your video marketing plans for immediate customer support. Incorporate chatbot prompts within your videos, providing viewers with real-time interaction and assistance.

Storytelling Across Channels

  • Omnichannel marketing is becoming essential in 2024. Your brand videos should seamlessly transition across platforms, offering a cohesive and consistent narrative. This strategy guarantees that regardless of where your audience engages with your brand, they receive the same immersive experience.

Enhance Engagement with Augmented Reality

  • Augmented Reality (AR) in videos is no longer exclusive to tech companies. Brands across industries can leverage AR for virtual product demonstrations, creating more interactive and immersive video experiences.

It’s about bringing your products and brand narrative directly into the viewer’s world. Consider how you can utilize AR or other innovative technologies to enhance your brand videos and captivate your audience.

Animation in Brand Videos

  • brand video trendsTraditionally, animation has been reserved for explainer videos, while live-action has dominated brand videos. However, in 2024, a surge in animation usage is seen. Incorporating animation can create a touch of imaginative flair, helping your video shine in the crowd.

Animations simplify complex topics and can be integrated as a segment within a live-action video to explain a specific product, service, or concept.


  • With an estimated $786 billion in global digital ad spending, 2024 promises to be an exciting year for video marketing. Follow these unmistakable trends to boost your brand visibility and expand your business this year.

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