The 3 Best Ways to Get to Know Your NJ Video Production Company

The 3 Best Ways to Get to Know Your NJ Video Production Company

The more you know about a new person, company or partner the more comfortable and at ease you will be with them. You’ll have more confidence in their abilities, and will have a better knowledge of how to work together.

You might be on the hunt for a new video production company to partner with, or you might be looking to work on a brand new series of projects with a company you already know. Either way, there are great ways to get to know your video production partner better.

Here are the three best ways to get to know your NJ Video Production Company:

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1. See (And Discuss!) The Work They’ve Done

Your prospective video production company, and partner-to-be, should ideally have many samples of completed work for you to view. Samples should range in style, type, tone, industry as well as end-use. We’re all pressed for time these days, and it can be tough to commit the time to watch dozens of videos, but I can’t stress enough how valuable it is to invest this time and view as much finished work as possible.

It’s also valuable to hear stories behind some projects of the past. What were the parameters or influences that drove a product to its final state? Were there budget concerns? Creative or strategic decisions made? Taking the time to understand these details will offer you a deeper understanding of how the company works, what to expect in collaborating with them and how the process may work for you.

If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of viewing many samples without knowing what you’re really looking for, discuss some of your video marketing or production objectives first and request samples that might apply to your needs. Having an open dialogue about past work and your project to come will be a great asset toward getting to know your video production company.

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2. Meet Their Team

The video or film production process is lengthy and detailed. It requires great communication skills, an ability to collaborate with cooperation and clarity, and also thrives on outstanding organization and project management skills. It also doesn’t hurt to work with people that you really like or even admire!

When working with a video production company, you are really entrusting their team of individual experts. You’ll be working with producers, account executives, project managers, as well as production and post-production crew members. It pays to get to know this entire team!

Take a look at their website or any references that show you who you’ll be working with. If they have team bio videos, even better!  You can get a look at their skills and qualifications while getting a sense of their individual personalities.

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3. Hear What Their Clients Have To Say

When you invest the time in viewing finished work and also meeting key team members you will probably have a sense of whether this video production company is one that jives well with your goals and your project. However, if you’re just not sure if what you’ve seen is too good to be true, you’ll certainly benefit from seeing the testimonials of other current or past clients.

See if your video production company has testimonial statements or videos from existing clients. Better yet, ask for a few references of clients that you can contact to get a sense of their experience with the video production company. An expert company with a great track record should have plenty of clients in their network that they’d be happy to connect you with!


These are the three simplest ways to get to know a video production company in NJ, and while they involve investing some time on your end they are completely worth that investment.

There are of course a few other ways to get to focus in further on your video production partner, such as having a few personal meetings and a couple of in-depth conversations about your video production needs and goals.

Just like with any new relationship, the more you learn about the other company, partner, or person the more comfortable you can get with the idea of working with them, the more confidence you will have in the product they will help you produce. Most importantly, the more excitement and enjoyment you will have throughout your production and launching of your final film or video!


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