5 Ways Video Production in NYC Can Help Your Business Grow

5 Ways Video Production in NYC Can Help Your Business Grow

Every business faces the exciting challenge and mission of creating growth and success, and in a place like NYC these opportunities are ripe for the picking! To grow is to continue offering the services and products you stand behind, and to build a brand that has a strong and loyal following. This is the dream of all companies and business-owners, in NYC and all over. To live this dream, some key steps toward creating business growth must be achieved.

Video Production might not be the first tool or resource that comes to mind for achieving your critical business growth goals, but the truth is: Video is an extremely strong asset that can be applied with great success to all aspects of a business, especially to those that are key to achieving growth. Five areas of business that are undeniably crucial to business growth are:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Staffing & Customer Support
  • Operations
  • Ongoing Engagement

Read on to see how video production and video marketing can help your business grow.

1.  Increasing Sales

Of course this is #1! A business cannot grow without sales and the income to develop, expand, and continue offering great products and service. No matter what your sales style or sales cycle is like, video can help your sales benefit greatly.

Sales can often depend on making a personal connection. Whether you’re a doctor, real estate professional, designer, or a sales rep, you can make a real connection through your website, online profiles, and via email by using video. Sales that are dependent on personal connection and trust will benefit greatly from the power of video.

Sales are also highly dependent on buyer education. Now shoppers are doing a lot of research and product education on their own, and will be searching to get the lowdown on what you have to offer! Video is a great way to provide easily digestible and engaging information to demo how your products work, answer frequently asked questions, and show that you provide ongoing support.

2.  Enhancing Marketing

Marketing goes hand-in-hand with sales, and no matter what style of marketing you are doing, video is a key differentiator that reaches out and grabs viewers, helping to convert them to buyers.

Marketing with video can mean a wide range of things: Video can be used to create brand-image pieces that show what you stand for, what your business is passionate about, or your special events. Show the excitement of an annual gala, highlight a successful fund-raiser for a charity you support, educate the public on your safety or environmental practices, and much more. These types of videos help to reinforce brand loyalty, and by nature are highly sharable, helping to expose your brand to new viewers and prospective customers.

Video can also be used to launch new products and support ongoing sales in an exciting, engaging, and memorable way. Whether used at trade shows, on your website, or individual presentations, videos can provide critical information and issue a strong call-to-action essential to any sales effort. You can even create very specific videos to send out at key points in your sales cycle to help convert shoppers to buyers.

3. Hiring and Training Employees

Growing your business can rely greatly on being able to support new customers and new operations effectively and efficiently. Video is one of the strongest communication and training tools available to you, so put it to work!

Use video to craft a recruitment video that helps you narrow down prospective talent and on-board superstar candidates. You can also use video to create support or how-to videos about your products and services. These videos can be used in multiple ways: use them to train new or existing staff members, and also make them available online for D-I-Y customer support.

With video, your important and informational messaging is more engaging, and more easily absorbed and more effectively retained. Likewise, by using video your important messaging will always be consistent.

4.  Operational Efficiency

Video can help you smooth out bottle necking or hold-ups in operations. Every business has it’s own set of unique pain points, and by identifying those areas, business owners or manager can implement a long-lasting solution using video. What’s even better: with video, you can often implement the solution once and see ongoing positive results for a long time! Create a single video for monthly or annual reinforcement of a process or compliance measure.  Or, craft monthly or quarterly internal newsletters to keep your entire company marching to the same drum.

Video can also be extremely useful in a case of crisis management as well. In a large company or corporation, you may from time to time face situations in which you need to release time-sensitive information that requires all employees to pay critical attention and follow consistent direction. What better solution than a video: it’s engaging, can be disseminated easily and widespread, and the messaging is consistent.

5.  Ongoing Engagement

Last, but certainly not least, is ongoing customer engagement. Once you’ve turned someone into a customer or client, now you have the opportunity to keep him or her engaged with your brand, make him or her a repeat client, and even encourage him or her to refer new business your way.

Video can be used to offer ongoing product support, such as ‘tips-and-tricks’ or ‘how-to’ videos. If there are typical questions asked after the point of purchase, or ongoing needs your clients have, create a suite of quick videos to target individual questions and needs. Think about ‘next steps’ for your clients and be ready to reach out and re-engage them with new product launches. Or, keep them in the know about your product, business, or industry with video newsletters and engaging social media content.


If you’re looking for the best ways to use video to help grow your business, review the five areas above but also consider that with a complete strategy you can efficiently multi-purpose video content and achieve various goals under each of the five areas simultaneously. Creating content specific to your pain points, to your initiatives, and to your particular audience is something a very experienced video production team can help you do. There is so much that can be done with video, and using a team that has experience with the details of content creation and video production can really help take each growth initiative to the next level.

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