6 Effective Ways To Use Video Production To Promote Your NJ Business

6 Effective Ways To Use Video Production To Promote Your NJ Business

6 Effective Ways To Use Video Production To Promote Your NJ Business

According to Reel SEO, 85% of companies that responded in a survey find success with Video Marketing*. Year after year surveys, studies and statistics surface all highly favoring video as a must-have piece of marketing. Regardless of the specific nature of video marketing that is being used or referred to in order to achieve these statistic, there are no two ways about it: video is ridiculously useful and insanely effective!

Here’s why thousands of businesses in NJ (and worldwide!) are using video:

  • Video is many times more powerful than plain ol’ text; it’s a sensory-rich way to convey information, instruction, brand-image, as well as emotion (I mean, have you ever seen anyone’s eyes tear up at a brochure? Didn’t think so.)
  • Video is a differentiator. High-quality video content increases your online search-engine ranking and sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Video can help enhance or even scale up your sales efforts, internal communications, PR, brand awareness, and more.
  • A video can be used over and over again, and can be multi-purposed, saving you time and money.

If you’re just starting out with video, you might be wondering: what can I do with it, aside from making a commercial? There are many ways video can help your business, whether promoting its image via marketing or promoting its growth via enhanced sales and streamlined operations. Here are six highly effective ways you can use video production to promote your business:

1.  Overview Videos

Create an overview as a top-of-the-funnel piece of content and a high-level introduction to you or your business, products and services. This video is for first-time site visitors or new contacts, so keep it concise. Multi-purpose this video by hosting it on the landing page of your website, sending it as a follow-up item after meeting a new contact, or use it in a live presentation as an introduction piece.

2.  Testimonial Videos

According to marketers surveyed by Ascend2*, customer testimonials are deemed one of the most effective marketing tools. Get your customers and fans to tell their own story of how your company helped them. A true-life story coming straight from the “horses mouth” so-to-speak can resonate with many viewers and help establish their trust in your company. This is another type of video that can be used both online or in live presentations.

3.  Personalized Videos

Say you’re on the precipice of closing a major deal with a prospect. Last you spoke there was nothing but interest, but they just haven’t quite sealed the deal yet. People are often busy, and there are only so many times you can call or email before your communications become white noise. A personalized video is a differentiator that simply cannot be ignored. It not only stands out form other messages, but it shows the prospect that they truly matter to you.

4.  FAQ Videos (also Training Videos!)

Creating a short suite of FAQ videos is one of the most effective ways to improve your business, reaching viewers both internally and externally. By identifying the top questions customers may have about your product or service, you can create a short video to address each one. These can be multi-purposed a few ways:

  • Create a help page on your website, or simply a YouTube playlist, to host these videos. With access to these videos 24/7, customers can get support without having to call or email you.
  • These videos not only help reduce the amount of incoming calls, but for callers who do still call, links to specific videos can be sent out to them, adding a helpful follow-up touch to your customer service.
  • Customers aren’t the only ones that will benefit from these videos; Use them to train new staff members as well, saving you on-boarding time and costs.

If you don’t have a call center or several employees, these types of videos can still help you. Identify common areas in your sales process or customer service efforts where you are frequently repeating yourself. Use videos to help alleviate some of that repeated communication.

5.  Video Reports or Newsletters

Company performance, industry trends, charitable efforts, key initiatives and campaigns…these are often some of the most exciting things you can share with customers, staff, and investors. However, they are often shared in the most boring of ways, like text-heavy reports that take a great amount of time and money to be printed and distributed, only to be skimmed and then tossed aside. With anywhere from one to just a couple of well-planned filming sessions, you can capture rich engaging footage of some of these exciting and important moments, and offer viewers an inside look at your company’s biggest achievements and most important news with a quarterly or annual video report or newsletter.

6.  Get Creative!

While the mere presence of a video is a key differentiator, creative video content can help you take things up a notch! Consult with a video production agency or producer to flush out a strong creative approach.

Have a big presentation coming up? Are you presenting to win business over a competitor? Well then, ditch the PowerPoint! Make a real impact on your audience with a video that drives your ideas or unique selling proposition home like no other reference tool can.

Perhaps you have an awards gala, charity dinner, company anniversary or other important celebration approaching? Make it an event to remember with a special video that entertains, inspires, motivates and moves attendees or special guests.


There are many highly effective ways that video can help promote your business. It pays off in the long run to strategically plan your video content and get the most for your investment dollar by putting video to work in multiple ways: from brand image, to marketing, sales and training, to operations and communications.

Start considering which of these uses for video will help your business the most, and work with an expert video production agency to start planning a strong strategy for promoting your NJ business with video.

*To read all Ascend2 survey results as reported by ReelSEO, click here.  To see some more interesting stats and a handy infographic from Huffpost, click here.

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