A Look Back: Taking Video Production To New Heights

A Look Back: Taking Video Production To New Heights

A Look Back: Taking Video Production To New Heights

PSE&G had us take to the skies to document the air-crane helicopters that were used to minimize environmental impact of the Susquehanna-Roseland Electric Reliability Project.  In the final video in our ‘Look Back’ series, Chris and Mark talk about the excitement and adventure of this challenging shoot:

About This Shoot

Our team underwent rigorous safety training, and stood by on-call awaiting safe flight conditions.  As soon as the pilots could give their thumbs-up on flight-worthy weather, our crew was ready to spring into action and take to the skies.

In this video you’ll see some footage of a helicopter directly overhead, descending toward the ground. For this shot, Matt was operating the camera and recalls finally having to make the leap from a standing position to the ground, just to hold onto the camera. The camera tripod had to swiftly be swung around to the ground with him, as he layed flat to hold the camera steady. As you can see, the intensity of the hurricane-like winds is shown in that shot!

You’ll also see a shot where Mark is filming, and you can tell how close to the edge of the helicopter door he is perched.   Strapped in safely, but with enough slack to hang at the edge of the door, Mark kept his hands on the camera as his entire body weight leaned over the open door of the helicopter to film the 45 mile stretch of the line.

Watch More!

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