Vimeo Announces End-to-End Integration with LinkedIn

Vimeo Announces End-to-End Integration with LinkedIn

Vimeo recently announced that they’ve become the first video platform to offer end-to-end integration for LinkedIn Company Pages.

This means that anyone using video as a professional communications tool can now publish videos with a single click from their Vimeo account to their LinkedIn Company Page (as well as other destinations) using Vimeo’s Publish to Social feature.

Vimeo’s LinkedIn Integration

Vimeo is a video hosting site that has always aimed at helping creators showcase their work.  One of the benefits of using Vimeo, as opposed to YouTube, is a sleeker representation – free of ads and unrelated content showing up on your profile page or on your videos.

LinkedInIn an effort to continue to be a major asset to creative professionals, Vimeo announced new tools like direct integrations with social media accounts earlier this year.  

Users with Plus, Pro and Business plans can link their Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts and directly publish to those platforms via their Vimeo dashboard’s Publish to Social feature.  

Now, Vimeo is the first hosting platform to offer direct integration with the professional social media platform, LinkedIn.

Using Video on Linkedin

LinkedIn is one of the last social media platforms to heavily integrate video uploads and video marketing tools, but they are well on their way.  In the past year they’ve announced the ability to upload video via the platform’s mobile app, followed by the launch of native video advertising tools.

LinkedIn Similar to the developments of other social platforms, this push signifies the value these sites place upon video as their most engaging content format. After all, video on social media generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined

LinkedIn Company Page videos are seeing 5x more engagement than other types of posts.

The Benefits of using Vimeo’s LinkedIn Integration

Using Vimeo to host your videos and directly publish them to your integrated social sites means you have one dashboard for all of your content, and can take advantage of the other tools Vimeo offers such as analytics, customization and monetization.

LinkedInPublishing video directly from Vimeo to your linked social accounts means your videos can expand their reach without the need to embed links from one site to another, saving you time but also leveraging the fact that most sites favor native uploads as opposed to embedded links.

The new integration with LinkedIn makes the Vimeo hosting platform quite a valuable option for B2B marketers, and it clearly shows that LinkedIn believes that video marketing tools are essential to their community of users.  We couldn’t agree more!


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