How Website Video Production Can Improve Your Online Sales

How Website Video Production Can Improve Your Online Sales

Right now, someone out there is in need of your products or services, and in most cases their first stop in searching for that product or service is going to be with an online search on Google or whichever search engine they prefer.

From that point on, video becomes your #1 asset in attracting that prospective customer to your site and providing them with the information they need to know in order to make a purchase decision. Video is also the most powerful way for you to connect with that person by expressing the essence and values of your brand.

Whether it’s the style and quality of your video that connects with your ideal customer, or it’s the actual information your video content presents, video will prove to engage thousands times better than basic photos and text. In fact 74% of B2B marketers agree that video converts better than any other content you can be using.

Here are three ways you can use website videos to improve your online sales:

1. Produce several short videos to answer FAQs

One of the biggest opportunities to snag precious online sales is to nurture the consideration of buyers. When buyers are in the consideration phase, they’re already interested and actively looking for a solution to a problem; what they need now is easy access to more details and insight into the product or service they might be buying.

Testimonial VideoBy creating a suite of very short videos that answer people’s most frequently asked questions, they can quickly jump around your website’s videos and find the answer to the exact question in mind, instead of watching one long video.

The information and answers themselves can help seal the deal for your customers, but also the fact that your company makes this information so available can mean a lot to an online shopper. It shows you have your act together! It shows that your company and your product are doing well, and this substantial amount of support proves it!

2.  Show more detail with short product videos

Seeing a physical object in motion allows more details to be revealed and can show the outlines and details of the product much better. People’s brains can take in more detail about how big an item is, how soft, how smooth, or more, by seeing it in motion instead of in a stagnant pose.

Video Production ServicesYou might be surprised to hear of the smallest details that might make a difference to your customer. The richness of a suede, the exact texture of a paving stone, the thickness of stitching on a designer handbag… when it comes to these make-or-break details, video is your ultimate asset in snagging these sales.

Many companies have been very successful in leveraging quick video clips that show their products in action or close-up. For example, Zappos has video clips for a lot of their shoes. Seeing the shoe in action – seeing how it bends, how thick the sole is, how the fabric moves – is what is needed to make that online shopper click to BUY.

3. Prompt viewers to take action with video

Beyond seeing more product detail, sometimes people just need a little nudge or personal encouragement to actually make the leap and call, sign up, buy or whatever it is that you’d like them to do.  A straightforward call-to-action video can make all the difference in converting these folks who are at the bottom of your sales funnel.

Types of Videography

This type of video can be a simple recap of powerful information, such as reiterating all the process details of a service program; Or, it can be as simple as a personal guarantee of satisfaction, sent to them by video and encouraging them to give your product or service a try.

Many times, these short, direct videos can be the hero of all your online sales. The tiniest nudge is sometimes all it takes to influence an online shopper to take their journey one step further.





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