What to Wear in a Video

What to Wear in a Video

When it comes to being on camera, it’s important to look good and sound good! Wardrobe choices can directly support the professionalism and high-quality of your video, or can work against your video (and your brand image) altogether! If you’re not sure what to wear in a video, make sure you’re on the winning side with these wardrobe best practices.

4 ProductionWardrobeMakeupFor some of the best tips on what to wear in a video, we checked in with our favorite wardrobe stylist, Michele* Crosta. So, for your next video, be sure to follow these tips and be dressed for video success!

1. Wear rich, saturated colors

Rich colors can do wonders to accentuate your face and compliment your personality as well. Michelle* advises to select jewel tones, like deep purples, blues, and rich reds. These colors work well with skin tones and look great on camera.

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2. Avoid black and white

Depending on the background you’re filming on, as well as the talent’s skin tone these colors can be disastrous! They can cause the person’s body to disappear into the background and not stand out. Black can also make skin tones look dull or even highlight and emphasize unwanted features like dark circles and shadows.

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3. Wear solids and avoid busy patterns

Fabrics that catch and reflect the lights can become distracting on camera. The same is true for tight stripes and patterns that can moire, aka warp, when on camera. This can cause a distracting and even dizzying effect for viewers, and that is not what you want when they’re watching your video!

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4. Keep jewelry from being a distraction

It’s best to avoid wearing any jewelry or accessories that are large and sparkly. This includes large rings, bracelets, dangling earrings, necklaces, and even watches on men. You’ll risk disrupting the audio with jangly jewelry, and risk distracting the viewer as well.

Good examples of what to wear in a video are smaller earrings or on-ear earrings, solid, simple necklaces like omegas or statement pieces that are tailored in style, not visually or audibly loud.

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5. Avoid wearing green on green screen

If you are filming on a green screen background be sure you are not wearing any shades of green, even within a pattern or small accessory. When the green background gets cue-ed out to be eliminated, the greens in your wardrobe can be affected as well.

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6. Everything needs to be clean and pressed           

Did you see the recent Tide commercials during the Superbowl? They were genius, based on the premise that in all professional video productions (including commercials) the wardrobe is always perfectly clean and wrinkle-free.

When preparing for your on-camera moment make sure the wardrobe choices are not stained or wrinkled.

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7. Always have wardrobe choices!

If you’re preparing your own wardrobe, always make sure you bring at least 3 different choices to your shoot so you and your production team can see which look best on camera.

If you’re working with a professional wardrobe stylist like Michelle*, she will surely bring a plethora of choices and make you look your very best!



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