Here’s Why Your Business Needs Process Overview Videos

Here’s Why Your Business Needs Process Overview Videos

Process Overview Videos can frequently be overlooked in the list of content items most sought after by marketers, but in truth they are no different than brand overviews, product demos and testimonials in that they provide detailed insight into something a consumer is evaluating or planning to purchase.

For example, consider these types of Process Overview Videos:

  • A video that shows how a packaged foods company sources their ingredients and handles their items on the manufacturing line.
  • A video that shows all the details of making a finely crafted piece of furniture.
  • A video that shows what it’s like to use a product after purchasing it.

In all of these cases, you can clearly see the benefit that a process video offers toward: building consumer trust, supporting sales, and enhancing brand loyalty. Moreover, recent research supports this power behind educational content like process overview videos.

Process Overview Videos Build Trust

Process overview videos are considered educational content, which has always been one of the strongest types of content for engaging with customers along with humor and emotion.

High-quality educational content creates a more trusted experience in engaging with a brand, their products and services. When you not only tell consumers, but show them insights about a product or service they’re interested in, their trust in your brand increases, and event compounds over time!

They Support Sales

In the beginning of the buyer journey, there are many questions or mysteries in the mind of the buyer and any content that can fill in those mysterious gaps goes a long way toward building confidence in a purchase.

Process Overviews offer a first-hand look at the answer to some of a buyer’s biggest questions or concerns such as quality, experience, craftsmanship, predicted outcome, cost, or even details like which people or issues are being supported by their purchase.

As quoted in a recent post by Conductor Spotlight, “Show and tell is the new sell, sell, sell!” says the Senior Director of Marketing at Monster.

They Build Loyalty

All businesses, products or services, start by being the answer to someone’s question. When you help a prospective customer on their journey this helps enhance the affinity and loyalty they have for your brand.

Likewise, when you help them continue on their journey after making a purchase, you build valuable loyalty. Process Overview videos can do all of these things and be used throughout the buyer’s journey.

As with any marketing endeavor, it helps to start with data, information and a strategy!  What information does your consumer need to know the most? What are they searching for? And what insights directly relate to increasing brand awareness, sales and loyalty?

Working with a video production agency can help you translate your marketing strategy and goals into high-quality, authentic branded video content like process overview videos that accomplish all of the above!


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